Friday, November 30, 2007

Navy kicks the *%$^# out of Army!!!

GO NAVY!!! Today is a day I am too busy to blog- I will be watching the game, vegging on the couch, bribing the kids with candy and movies, and eating football food. I hope everyone else has a fun day planned too. Check into the game, it's the biggest rivalry in football history! I'm not a big football watcher, but this is always a good one. See ya after the game.

Last But Not Least

These lists have been really fun this week. It made me turn on the brain, think a bit and remember some of the goofy things in my life. It was definitely fun to read what everyone commented with and realize that my family is not the only one full of FUNNIES! So Last But Certainly Not Least...

Funny Things We Do For Our Children...

Bike/Beer races- This is my Hubby! Yup, I'm Proud. This is at our neighborhood party this past summer. The rules were that all the guys had to ride a child's trike from one line to the other and back, carrying their beer and it had to be gone before they crossed the finish. Oh Yeah- My Hubby WON!! The women raced next but bummer I was pregnant and not getting near a trike. Shucks, I had to be the cheering section and photographer! To make it even more interesting, just before this race we had a water balloon fight. As the guys were racing, some leftover water balloons were launched onto the race course, don't spill that beer!! All for the kids right! Uh huh.

Dress up- Hubby and I were playing Pretty Pretty Princess one Saturday morning with Molly and Lolo- still in pj's. He's doing really well, has the crown on, the necklace, earrings, I think all he needed was a ring to win. We were in between duty stations at the time and renting a house. We look out the window and there is a man taking pictures of the house, kinda creepy! My Hubby goes to the slider door to confront him...dressed as a Princess! Yeah, he was so alarmed by this man that he forgot what he was dressed as. Turns out it was the landlord's realtor's photographer, wonder what he thought when he saw My Hubby!

Makeup- I have sat nicely and had my makeup done for me, turns out someone always stops over unannounced and I am looking like a rosy cheeked clown.

Hair Salon- Look at what the girls and their Aunties did!!

Thursday, November 29, 2007


Funny Things We Receive From Our Children...

A sand bucket full of worms
A finger with a booger on it- gee thanks
"Art" made from the recycle bin
Mud covered dirty shoes on the kitchen counter
Funny faces
Wooly bear caterpillars
A reality check- ever notice how honest kids are- they don't sugar coat anything- if the pants make your butt look big, they'll tell you that! If you feel tired, they'll tell you that you look it too!
Pockets full of goodies (chapstick) (stickers) that go into the laundry

Ok, so I am going to keep this short, I have 3 posts today ( I know- I'm an overacheiver- Ha ha ha yeah right!) Anyways, check them out and COMMENT!! I've had quite a few new people this week, it's been nice to meet new friends!

Tag- You're It!

I was Tagged and I've been a bit of a slacker about responding-Sorry! I just had trouble thinking of 7 great things that are reader worthy- I'm just an ordinary, boring, typical busy mom- right?! Ok, so here is goes...

#1- I'm secretly afraid of falling. Not so much the roller coaster type of fear, nope that would make sense. I am afraid of falling...on the ground. Like tripping, falling over, slipping, being slide tackled (not good when I was on the soccer team) I absolutely wake up sweating when I have a dream about falling...I never land or get squished in the dream, but it is enough to make me wake up sweating and crying. Hate it!

#2- I can't stand going to bed with a kitchen full of dirty dishes, yet I despise doing the dishes. Even worse than going to bed with a messy kitchen- is waking up to a messy kitchen. So it will be late at night after the crowd has left and I will stand there loading the dishwasher, washing the big ones. My Hubby hates doing dishes as much as I do, so between the two of us I am amazed that they get done. I usually look at them and shrug...ok, bring it on! let's do this! Sooner I do it, the sooner it's done! See, I have to pep talk myself into getting them done.

#3- If I could eat pasta every night I would. Followed by a BIG bowl of ice cream. Not a little bowl and don't even think of putting your spoon in my bowl- I am not very good at sharing.

#4- I am glad I have a house full of girls. (no offense to boys or moms with boys or anyone boy loving) I grew up with 2 younger sisters and one brother. The brother was sick from birth and was not your typical boy. I have no idea how to play trucks, monsters, spiderman stuff and honestly don't enjoy those things as much as I enjoy dress up time. Funny because I am not a girly, frilly, dress up, makeup person myself.

#5- I dip my grilled cheese into my applesauce. It's too dry without it. I also have to put at least two slices of cheese on it...but I don't like to eat cheese. Not plain anyways, yuck! I also put pepper on my mac and cheese, but I don't think that is too odd.

#6- I am a nerd about lists. I have a list for everything. My kids know about my lists and know that if they want something it has to be on my list. I have a notebook that I put my lists in so I don't loose them- nothing worse than a lost list! I'm lost without my lists.

#7- Ok, so are you thinking I am completely weird or what?? One more, here is goes... I love the water. I love swimming. I grew up swimming, had a boat, then had a pool, joined the swim team all through school. BUT...I hate having wet hair. Hate putting on shorts over a wet suit and sitting in it and now that I am not on the swim team and have the option, I will not swim in cold water and I don't enjoy swimming in the lake, especially if it is cold. I will sit on the beach and sweat before going in a cold lake.

So there you have it, 7 things you didn't know about me and I'm sure your wishing you still didn't. I'm a bit quirky, but I love having fun and being around fun people, so hopefully it's not all that bad.

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Thanks ladies, this was more fun than I thought it was going to be. So sweet of you to think of me!

Take it away Girls!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

We Don't Look Alike, What Are You Talking About?

So many people commented on how much we look alike. (haven't heard that my whole life! Haha) Here is a family picture with all of us one year ago. And because I am getting away with it, I am adding a picture of all of us doing the family joke... Tetunka! (long story, but it's from Dances with Wolves, when he tries to explain Buffalo by making horns like we are doing- I warned you, I am quirky- now you know where I get it from!) C&K-Oh smile girls, the whole world can see your Tetunka's! :)

Wordless Wednesday

My Sis with THE DRESS!! The picture says it all, I don't need words! Gorgeous!!
I have 2 posts today, so please check it out and COMMENT, I swear I have turned into a blogging monster, because I love seeing what you all have to say!


Funny things we HEAR from our kids...

I've got oogies in my nose

Mom, I've got one of those "hang ten" things on my finger (hang nail)

My Lolo who's 4 has been going around reciting every and any word she knows how to spell, she's the spelling champ this week. She knows Mom, Dad, cat, dog- you know the simple ones. She came up to me last week and asked how to spell Mother. Me: "Why Lolo? I don't want you calling me that- it makes me feel OLD." So last night at dinner, my oldest- Molly was doing her spelling champ list and asks how to spell Mother- without hesitation Lolo chimes in: "Molly you can't call her that, it will make her OLD!"

When I was pregnant with Annie, I took the oldest two girls with me shopping. I had a Navy Ball to attend and not much to wear- that fit anyways. Molly was 4 and Lolo almost 2. We all squeezed into the fitting room with a stroller and an arm full of dresses. Determined to not have them touching everything in sight, I kept Lolo in the stroller and Molly sat on the little bench facing me. As I was changing, Molly got sight of my top half and blurted out (quite loudly I might add) "MOM- Your b%bs are getting HUGE!!" Not bad if we were the only ones in the fitting room, but no, it was full- there was a line- and everyone heard- Yup, love those embarrassing moments! -----Same trip different store---- We went into a Macy's type store after eating lunch. Being that I was pregnant and had two children with small bladders, we were rushing around looking for a restroom. We found it, of course way in the back, behind clothes and conveniently sale racks. I almost swerved looking for the deal, but reminded myself of the small full bladders in company. So again I squeeze everyone into a stall, child 1- Done, child 2- Done. We are doing pretty good. My turn- as I maneuver the kids around so- #1 they can't escape and #2 I can actually sit without my knees to my chin- Molly blurts out: "MOM- are you going potty too?" I quietly try to shush her and reply yes. Ok, not bad, that wasn't embarrassing, so what if everyone knows what I am doing right? I mean isn't that why we are all in there to begin with? Yup, she can't leave it at that... "MOM, are you going Poopy too? Something's stinky? EW, Mom something smells like poopy!!" She continues to carry on and on- over my not so quiet shushing. And guess wasn't even MY poopy- someone else, not me. So after she is done going on and on, we make our exit for the sinks only to see a line of ladies staring. I wanted to crawl under the stroller and be pushed away!

So that was really long, I'll try and come up with a few more shorter ones and continue to add them.

Hopefully everyone is enjoying these lists. It has been very entertaining, PLEASE comment and fill in with a few of your own!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Later boon!

Everyone seemed to have fun with the names yesterday- it got me thinking what other funny things do we do. So I thought it might be fun to have a different topic everyday this week and see how it goes. I got a good laugh from those nicknames, thanks to everyone who commented! Keep it going!

Funny things we say to our kids...

I'll feed ya to the ducks! (thanks to Hubby's Gpa)
I mixed it with my toes! (another Gpa)
See ya later alligator- after awhile crocodile- not too soon you big baboon!! (my parents- my children in the car racing Papa to say this fastest...and loudest!)
Later boon! (Annie's shortened version)
Act your age not your shoe size (my dad)
I will try and think of more to add later, brain fart right now!

I would love to get a good list going, PLEASE add more of your own!

Monday, November 26, 2007


Funny nicknames we call our kids...

Goomba, short for goofball!
Weasel (Nana called one of the girls this at birth, c'mon that's mean, so her nose was squished!)
Twinkle toes
Princess Pie (after a #2 duty, we say you smell like a...)
Jabberbox (the child that won't stop talking)
Lorlor (sound it out, I've never spelled it before)
I would love to get a good list going, PLEASE add more of your own!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Make sure to put on those turkey pants and enjoy!

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Me and Hubby (2006)

So I guess I am not very good at being WORDLESS for my Wordless Wednesday, I am told I talk too much too- oh well...

I promised a picture of my Hubby in uniform. This is from when we were stationed at Naval Station Great Lakes- Chicago in 2006. Actually this was right before we moved back home and put the uniform on a hanger for good. Sometimes I miss seeing him in it, but our quality of life has greatly improved since we moved home. Besides just because he isn't active duty anymore doesn't mean he can't try it on once in know for old times sake *wink wink*


Ok, so I am Guilty! Dels is about 10 weeks now, approx. 68 days, that is just shy of 3 months, over 1/6 of the way through her first year- and uh yeah so I haven't announced her yet...Guilty! I don't know if it is because of my "have to get the deal" attitude, you know where you know you can find those photo cards somewhere cheaper, every place has them now, it's not for lack of options. There are just too many options, how am I supposed to decide where to go?? And then I still have to decide the pictures to go on the cards!! How many cards? Do they include envelopes? Ugh- too many choices! So I finally sat down yesterday and went to, I heard they had some really cute ones at a good price. They are connected through Shutterfly and supposedly you can make them online and pick them up at your Target store- convenient- I'm all for it. So while I am trying to decide on a style I notice a few options where you can put more than one picture on the card- perfect for me as I can't decide on one picture anyways right? HA- big joke, now I have the option of up to 9 pictures- yet I can't decide on 9 pictures that I think go well together *UGH* Then throw into the complication that when I slide a picture into the slot- it chops the top of Dels head off- can't have that- (small pet peeve of Hubby's) So I have made four cards, none to my loving, but I am about to call it good enough and just get these darn things done.
As I am trying to finish up the birth announcement, I see an ad that says... up to 20% off holiday cards if ordered before Nov 20th (there's an asterisk, so I am sure there is a catch) So being that I am so stinking cheap and have to find that deal, I am now throwing on my plate a holiday card- I am going to make a photo holiday card as well- No biggie, just more options, choices, colors, cropping...maybe I should have my coffee first, that might help clear the brain or at least buzz it in to function mode. So wish me luck on my endeavors today, I will get these done, I am determined, motivated and darn it they are on sale so I'd kick myself if I didn't get that 20%!

The big question is...can I save on postage and send both cards in one envelope? Hmmm

Monday, November 19, 2007

Good to get out...

So my Hubby is back from his hunting weekend with the guys. One brother shot a small buck on opening day, the rest no such luck, bummer, (must have been the toot tooting of chili!) *Hee hee hee* They had a great time though and next year I am going along. All the women attached to all these men spoiled them with tons of great food, it wasn't just chili they were eating. I made a couple dozen cookies, so did my sister in law. My mother in law made candy bar treats, there was a snack mix, homemade soup, something called mandingo's, I think that is kinda like brats with sauce and peppers and such, not quite sure but they all love it. So at the end of the weekend..."it was worth it, Good to Get Out!"
Oh and just to be silly I sent my Hubby with a bottle of Hot Damn, that way he would think of me while he was away and, my wife is so good to me...HOT DAMN! Yeah I was pushing for some bonus suck up points!

So what did I do while Hubby was in the woods, sit at home, HA yeah right! I did a weekend at Nana and Papa's! My parents only live 10 minutes away, so I let the kids pack their own clothes. Notice I say I LET them, as if it's a treat to do the packing! Someday they will catch on to these sneaky tactics and rebel, for today though it works! I had babysitters and did some MORE shopping! Yup, I'm lucky, more shopping with limited kids in tow, still dragged the baby along, my dad isn't too keen on the idea of being thrown up on, he has no problem enduring a few rounds of tickle torture, but spit up is a bit much to ask of him. So you might think I am done with holiday shopping...yeah right! I have spent more time shoe shopping for these girls, I can't believe how fast their feet grow and how often! And then there are different shoes for different events, church shoes, dance shoes, school shoes, gym shoes, where does it end, these girls have better shoes than I do! *pouting with a big bottom lip* So I am finally done shoe shopping, on to my Xmas list...a never ending task! Yikes!
Ok, so if I haven't mentioned it, my Hubby is one of 11 children!! Yeah, huge family!! Amazingly wonderful family, but when it comes time for Xmas shopping, it can be a tad overwhelming. He has four half siblings- so we party with all of them. Then we party with his 7 immediate siblings on a separate day. The first party we have decided to bring food and then draw names for kids in high school and younger. The second party we have decided to bring food, draw names for the kids and then for the adults we all bring a $10 gift and we do a gift exchange game. Last year was our first year doing this. I enjoyed it, it was a fun challenge to find something fun for under $10 and then to see who ended up with what was interesting. SO on to more parties...there is still Xmas Eve, a trip to Cincinnati for a party on that side, a few parties that we normally don't make it to and then there is still my side of the family. We normally get together with my parents and siblings and do another drawing of names, then there is a party with my grandpa and extended family on my dad's side, then another for my mom's side. My sister's bday is after Xmas, then there is New Year's Eve Party. By January 1 I am done, partied out and ready to not eat anything, not cook anything, not look at another store. So now you see why I was so excited to have babysitters to get some shopping done! On to the Xmas list and another store... keep ya posted.
So since it is the beginning of the shopping holiday season, it is still Good to Get Out...

Thursday, November 15, 2007

As of today I lose

my HUBBY! Yup, it's finally here. Like a little kid waiting for Christmas morning, my Hubby has been waiting anxiously for today- It's Opening Day for Hunting Season- therefore it's out to the cold wet woods in hopes of being quiet enough, not smelly enough, and just darn patient enough for a deer to possibly walk on by. For weeks now the preparations have been set into play. The prehunting... you know when you have to go out into the woods to find your ideal spot, clear it of branches that might be in your way of a good shot. I mean I am by no means an expert on hunting, but how in the world do you know which branches will be in your way, it's not like there are sidewalks in the woods that the deer follow for a leisurely walk! Anyways, after your spot is all set there is still prep work to be done, who knew? The guns need to be cleaned, sighted in, licenses bought, scent remover sprayed on all clothing, chili made. Yeah, this confuses me, I thought you wanted to be scentless in the woods. It's not that the chili will be eaten in the woods, no, it's for all the brothers and dad (see wordless wed pic to see dad) to eat at the cottage where they will spend the night. What confuses me is that at least for me personally chili causes a few side effects, not too sweet smelling. Why would you choose to eat this and then try and sit scentless. Squeeze those cheeks hun, you might scare away all wildlife!

So now all prep work aside, the big day has arrived and away they go trudging out to the woods. I wish them all Good Luck! Hope they don't freeze, it's barely above freezing here at a whopping 35 degrees, but it is rainy, windy and just nasty. Gotta love Michigan weather, it was 55 degrees two days ago, I was informed that the colder weather is more suitable to the deer. I am also praying for their safety, they are a group of educated, smart, safety conscious men, but accidents happen- so I will be saying a few extra prayers this weekend.

You know what, maybe the chili side effects are part of the plan- I can't say for sure, but maybe the toot toot tooting is a new way to call the deer- or stun them!

Good luck guys, have a great weekend and remember this is the only time I will agree that the bigger the RACK the better!

(I will still be watching Bambi with the kids for our Friday Night Movie Night!)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wordless Wednesday


I have been splatted!! Wow, two awards in one week! I certainly wouldn't have thought my week would be like this when I rolled grumbly out of bed Monday! Thank you to Steph!

Although I'm not sure...what is that splat made of? It looks a little like a paintball gun? Or maybe some of that sticky slimy stuff I find in mysterious places from my kids? I's the spaghetti sauce I spilled on my white tshirt! I swear I CANNOT make spaghetti without getting covered in it! What can I say, I'm a slob!

So onto splatting someone, watch out Kellan- it's coming your way!

Monday, November 12, 2007

It's Contagious!

So I get into the minivan, exhausted, impatient and yet still trying to "race" the kids into their seat belts. Somehow I am really slow and they always beat me, to which I am required to reply with an "OH Man!" This particular time though, they truly beat me, I am done, done for the night, no enthusiasm left in me, Uggg. Of course they are still unbelievably happy to have beaten me and yelling to get a reaction from me. Seriously, I'm a dead log in the water, Double Uggg. I finally turn around, look up at them, peel my eyes open and to my amazement it is no longer MY sweet Molly in the far backseat. The child who was back there was no longer my sweet pretty little girl. You see she had these HUGE RED LIPS! "Oh my Goodness, what in the world happened to your lips?" Not really the "OH Man" they were looking for, but giggles exploded everywhere. My lethargic attitude was immediately gone upon viewing these lips. I turn around ready to drive home happy. I am again getting yelled at for more attention. To my amazement when I turn around this time it is both Molly and Lolo modeling these HUGE RED LIPS!! "Oh my Goodness, it must be Contagious!!

To which Lolo worriedly replies, "What mom, what's contagious, I don't want to catch a contagious!"

We all burst out in laughter, yet again Lolo has made a remark only she would say. I then spent the next 5 minutes trying to explain to her what contagious was and that it isn't some life threatening illness. The rest of the way home both girls kept pretending they were struck by the HUGE RED LIPS illness, so I played it off telling them that "we just might have to stop by the doctors and have them take a look at it, I don't think ice will heal those HUGE RED LIPS!" I'm such an evil mom because we took the long way home, right past the hospital...and then I pulled in the parking lot...wouldn't you know it a miracle happened, they were immediately healed, a tad worried, but healed. Once I convinced them I was just joking, the car again turned into a giggling fest. Fun had by all. Better watch out, it just might be Contagious!!

Freedom isn't Free!

A Sincere Thank You to our Vets!
Happy Veterans Day!

Girls Weekend- Everyone Needs One!

So I've been a bit of a slacker on the blog front, but all with good reason. SHOPPING!! My mom, sister and family friend all took the weekend off. I arranged babysitting for Friday till Hubby could come home and away we went. I felt like a teenager running out of the house for a fun night out. I have NEVER left the kids with Hubby and gotten out of the house for this long before, WOW does it feel good. I did take Dels along, she's 8 weeks old now, but I am still the Momma Milk Cow- besides if she's gonna survive in this house of girls she needs to learn how to shop, best to start young!

My little sister has been recently engaged, so we spent Friday night at a huge bridal shop where we bombarded her with tons and tons of dresses to try on. This is my LITTLE sister, the youngest of the sisters, I can't believe she is trying on wedding dresses, she's supposed to stay little forever not find the man of her dreams, get engaged and be trying on wedding dresses! I mean of course I am happy for her, but c'mon- she's my little sis. To top it off, she's talking about possibly taking a job in California, um, NO I'm in Michigan that is way too FAR. (Little history here, I just recently moved back to Michigan to be with family (Hubby-Naval Officer)) So someday I will get used to the idea of her leaving and maybe I will find pure joy in seeing those white dresses on her, but as of today- I'm not ready! The time at the wedding store was successful, she found many dresses that were unbelievably beautiful on her, the hard part is narrowing down the possibilities which is great because that just means another day out shopping with no kids to Help her. The rest of the night we pigged out on pizza and watched girly movies.
Outlet shopping- So Saturday we went outlet shopping to Birch Run Outlets. We spent the whole day shopping, Dels was quite fussy the whole day and I ended up carrying her for quite awhile. The stores were very busy with long lines, so that part of the day was not enjoyable. The part I enjoyed most was finding a few deals. Being that I have 4 girls, I was beside myself when I found skirts and belts for 99 cents at The Children's Place. Since it was such a superb price I bought 4 of the same skirt in different sizes, eventually the girls will all fit in the sizes and what a cute picture. If not, who cares- they were 99 cents! After a long day of shopping we checked into our hotel and had dinner and drinks. I actually ate HOT food and had time to do a mud mask. What luxury!
IKEA- So on Sunday we tackled IKEA, what a great store! We spent hours and dollars, what a blast! I found some great things. A small white kids bench that I plan to put by my front door. The seat opens so they can throw all their mittens and hats in there and I won't have to holler to pick them up all the time. (ideally anyways) We went out to a "sit down" meal, I can't remember the last time I sat for a whole meal! I tell you I was totally spoiled. Dels was in a much better mood after sleeping well all night. She was smiling at everyone and just hanging out happily. We hit some other fav stores, TJMaxx, Pier One, Homegoods. We eventually decided that we should head for home. Back to reality. So now today as I was getting kids ready for school, wiping diaper butts and rounding up laundry I just kept singing that old song over and over in my head...Back to Life, Back to Reality...not sure who sings it, but those lines are stuck in my head. I hope everyone had a great weekend and if not then you need to plan one like mine, it's a blast!

My Friendly Award!!

Go check out her blog- She is very funny, realistic and just a joy to read. I have been boppin over there for awhile now and it's always fascinating what she finds to blog about.
I can't believe little ole me and my rambling blog received an award! And it's a friendly site award too! This is pretty cool. I "sponsored" our neighborhood party this year and after it was over I decided I was going to try and get suggestions from all the neighbors on how they would make it better. One neighbor suggested that maybe I should set up a blog and then I would be able to post pictures and info on that. Me- trying to play it cool just replied with a "Oh yeah, that is a great idea," then went home and googled "Blog" to find out what the hell he was talking about. A blog, hmmm I can figure this out. I am not that uncool that I can't figure it out right?! I mean my college sisters might think I am pretty uncool, I've been told I wear "MomJeans" but C'mon, All moms know your hips just won't fit into those "skinny" jeans anymore. (I need a whole nother blog for this!!) So after looking into blogging for awhile I was determined to start my own- just about 2 months later and here I am...with an AWARD, blogging about whatever comes to mind and can you believe it people actually come to my blog to read this mumble jumble that goes through my head...and I have an AWARD, did I mention that? So, since I am a friendly blogger, I will pass this on to...drum roll please... Life According to Lizzy. She's another new blogger and I know how great it feels to know your doing it right! Check her out!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I love wordsearches!

Check out this site... lots of things for all ages and educational too, Woohoo!!
I made a wordsearch for Molly with all of her "sight words" from Kindergarten, also a few of her favorite things and family member names. She's been pretty busy!! Another Woohoo!!! :)

Bzzzing Good

Are you sick of having to explain "kids" movies to your kids?? There have been alot of movies in the past few years that are supposedly for the kids but have so many derogatory comments, sexual undertones and such that I am leery of allowing the kids to watch PG rated movies anymore. I mean PG, isn't that usually ok for kids? This past weekend we were movie-goers. It isn't often that I spend the extra money at the movie theater, but we splurged and went to see The Bee Movie. It was really good! There was good clean humor. It wasn't just the kids laughing, I actually enjoyed it too! There were no swear words, no violence beyond swatting a bug, no sexy outfits or unrealistic body images. It was good clean fun. So if anyone is looking for a good movie for your kids, I will submit my recommendation, heck I might even splurge and go again!

So I looked into the meaning of a PG rating, here's what I found...
A PG-rated motion picture should be investigated by parents before they let their younger children attend. The PG rating indicates, in the view of the Rating Board, that parents may consider some material unsuitable for their children, and parents should make that decision.The more mature themes in some PG-rated motion pictures may call for parental guidance. There may be some profanity and some depictions of violence or brief nudity. But these elements are not deemed so intense as to require that parents be strongly cautioned beyond the suggestion of parental guidance. There is no drug use content in a PG-rated motion picture.

So it turns out I am wrong, PG isn't a rating for sweet innocent movies appropriate for young children. Notice that this description warns us of possible profanity, violence and nudity, but don't worry it's not that bad- there isn't any drug content, as if that makes it that much better! When I read through the meaning for a G rated movie,
A G-rated motion picture contains nothing in theme, language, nudity, sex, violence or other matters that, in the view of the Rating Board, would offend parents whose younger children view the motion picture. The G rating is not a “certificate of approval,” nor does it signify a “children’s” motion picture. Some snippets of language may go beyond polite conversation but they are common everyday expressions. No stronger words are present in G-rated motion pictures. Depictions of violence are minimal. No nudity, sex scenes or drug use are present in the motion picture.
So even a G rated movie may have language issues, BUT it's ok because it's everyday expressions, hmmm and we wonder why and where our children pick up bad language. Oh and don't worry- violence is minimal! What would be the rating for a good clean, nonviolent, good language, clothes on, drugfree movie?? I guess the good news is that on the Motion Picture Association website they provide alot of information about ratings including a movie rating search and a link to Pause Parent Play, a website dedicated to helping parents decide on appropriate shows and movies for kids.

So I have ranted and rambled and in what was supposed to simply be a thumbs up to The Bee Movie, has turned into a movie rating critique. Hope you find something useful- if not, Sorry, I'll be short and sweet next time!

Wordless Wednesday

Lucky Girls, growing up in a beach town- aren't they and the pier/beach absolutely beautiful. I love it here!

Ok, so since this is my first Wordless Wednesday, I actually have to add words. I thought having a picture, thought, image, etc. would be a fun midweek project. If you have any you would like to share either on this page or your own, PLEASE COMMENT and direct me to where it is. Enjoy!
I have 2 posts today, make sure to check them both and comment.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

More Noise or Music??

Check out my 130 year old piano, fits right in with the house, again 130 years old... at least!

We recently purchased a piano and I am looking to start the kids in lessons. I never took lessons and being that I am not at all musically inclined and know absolutely nothing about playing (again trying to relive my childhood through my children) I was wondering if anyone had some pointers on what to look for in hiring a piano teacher?? What's the going rate anyways? So far I have heard about $15 per half hour, what do you think? Is 6 years old too early, right on or too late? How about 4? So if there are any musically inclined people out there, please fill me in! Thanks!

Raking Away Again!

Tie me down! We are blowing away over here!! Ok, so obviously I need to watch the weather reports a bit more. I spent ALL day Saturday raking, mowing and doing a seasonal change chore day. I used the leaf blower, cleaned out what was left of the garden, cleaned out the shed, overall I went to bed feeling pretty darn achy, but I gave myself a pat on the back for how good things were looking. Literally, I laid in bed and patted my shoulder- my Hubby was a bit curious about what that was all about, but I knew and that's all that matters. (Sometimes I think it's good to keep him guessing!) Wouldn't you know, just my luck, that night we were under a wind advisory! A WIND ADVISORY- C'MON- Who advises the wind anyways, why do they call it that? I officially nominate myself to advise the wind-

"Wind" I say loudly out the back door (back door so the neighbors don't think too weirdly of me)
"Wind, I advise you to blow all the leaves to the front curb, right where I left them, otherwise you will be spending some time in the naughty chair!" (works for the kids, worth a shot right?!)

"I am also requesting that you gather the leaves that have since fallen off the trees and bring them to the front yard as well. Thank you so kindly!"

Ok, so maybe that's a bit far fetched, but C'MON- I just raked them all and dumped them all. What's the point. I have now as of this minute decided that I vow to NOT rake, not one single leaf ever again...well at least not till every single leaf is off the trees, then I might rethink this a bit and venture back out there, drag the rake out, the leaf blower and tackle it all over again. Hey at least it's worth another pat on the back and a chance to again make my Hubby turn his head and look at me quizzically! Hee Hee Hee, oh the joys! So for now, this is me signing off...NOT RAKING!!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Going Green...

So I am watching The Today Show and all this week they are focusing on global warming and the effects on the planet. In the back of my mind I always knew the environment needed our help, but didn't think I could really make that much of a difference. I mean I recycle, my bin I drag out to the curb is overflowing every week. I am slowly switching my lightbulbs to more efficient ones. My Hubby and I have been trying to winterize our house and make it more energy efficient, albiet hard to do since the house is 130 years old and needs more updating than my wallet can stretch right now. We recently purchased energy efficient appliances, does that make up for the number of times we have to use them, they seem to be on nonstop? I've checked out The Today Show website, they have a link to 7 ways to help the planet in 7 days.
I find many of these things I am already doing. What else is there?
So I turned to Oprah, she knows all right! And of course she did a show on Going Green. Check it out...
There is a page of websites to check out for more info as well. Like did you know...Idling 10 minutes less per day can keep 550 pounds of carbon dioxide out of the air every year. There is alot of good info here.

So why am I posting on this? I wanted to know what everyone else is doing. Comment back and tell me how you are helping.

Friday, November 2, 2007

PTA Fundraiser Ideas??

Since having the baby I have taken a "break" from the PTA meetings, but I am about to throw myself back into the mix, not sure why I want to do that to myself, but it is all for the kids right?? I find a huge discussion at the meetings is all about money and funding. I am not a huge fan of the fundraiser sales and am looking for any successful ideas from anyone. Right now they hand the kids a flyer full of "stuff" and send them on their way to bombard relatives and friends, coworkers, neighbors, and any unlucky person who looks into the kids' eyes and can't say no. I find it odd that we tell our children- "Don't talk to strangers," but it's ok to sell stuff to them and take their money! Obviously I don't care for these sales techniques. We have discussed bake sales, school yard sales, newspaper collection drives, but I am told these don't "make enough to make it worth it." Are there any creative SAFE ways to raise money for our schools? HELP!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

$4 for 4 Costumes- Yet PRICELESS!!

Ok, so it's time for a bit of Mommy show and tell. I might be a tad biased, but I happen to think I have adorable children. Oldest to youngest, we have a dancer, a snow princess, a kitty cat and a bunny.

Background story on the costumes: The oldest two received hand me down dance costumes from an older cousin, which was Amazing because #1- FREE #2- they were big on them, so being that we live in Michigan I was able to cram a ton of layers underneath. #3- the kids liked the outfits because they came from an older much adored cousin- therefore there was no arguing about them not being COOL enough!

My little kitty cat idea actually came from watching Dora. Annie is obsessed with Dora and in her Halloween cartoon she is dressed as a cat. When we were originally trying on costumes, she screamed with anything on her head. So I was willing to compromise. I already had a full black fleece body suit from the previous year being a pumpkin. We were just going to put that on and paint a few whiskers and call it good, but on my last minute -Oh My Gosh It's Halloween and I Have NO Candy to Pass Out- trip to the store yesterday we stumbled across the kitty cat costume. Amazing because #1- 50% off, therefore costing me a whopping $4 #2- it was her size with enough room to still cram the warm clothes underneath #3- she loved it and showed everyone in the store, no screaming!!

Then there is my bunny. I am a bit heartfelt over the bunny. The bunny was purchased when Molly was born and has been worn by each child. I was so happy when I found this costume because it is almost identical to the bunny costume I wore as a baby. Ok, I'm not going to cry, promise. So my amazing 3- here it goes. Amazing because #1- FREE #2- again roomy enough to multi-layer, even add a hat underneath #3- She loved it so much she slept through all the trick or treating snuggled up inside.

So there you have it, 4 children dressed in 4 costumes for the Amazing cost of $4!!
PRICELESS Happiness had by all!!