Thursday, January 31, 2008

100 Things Challenge~ Ready for More?

#27 Moon Sand~ So we started off really well, nice and neat play~ everyone getting along, sharing, very creative and lots of fun...Lolo having a great time~ notice still in the pj's for the PJ Party I was NOT invited to...
Annie catching a piece of the action~ "Look Mom!"...
Oh Wait, where did Molly go? Hmmm...
Caught ya! Ha, she thinks she can get away from me and my camara!...
Molly's creation~6 Year Old Art...
Annie's Uh...Creation? 2 Year Old Art...
What was left for Me?!!
Lolo lost interest and played with the baby, in the meantime these two got into mischief and walked through ALL the moon sand making the house look like a colorful sandy beach! Yeah that's why they are sitting on the table, only way to guarantee they wouldn't walk through it again...Who's idea was this Challenge anyways? Oh yeah~ the crazy one having to clean it all up! :) Well, it was fun, it is cleaned up and it's another memory in their minds.
#82 Tickle a Baby!

We really got Dels laughing~ it is so fun to hear her giggle!

#38 Try a new fruit~ Ok, so it wasn't me trying the new fruit and yes it is an apple, which they eat almost daily, but it was new to her and it was bigger than she was and I just had to count it.
#33 A differet flavor ice cream~ Ok, so this was pure pleasure to me! I absolutely love ice cream and will Challenge anyone to this one any day, or twice a day, or all day~ alright I confess this is a regular meal for me! Love it!!! That's it for today~ We are working on a few more so stay tuned!
Have a wonderful day! :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Blog Bling

Oh- this just seems so appropriate with Valentine's Day right around the corner. I love this award~ THANK YOU to OHmommy from Classy Chaos for passing this on to me. Everyone go check her out~ she is one sweet gal who always has something entertaining to write about. Thanks OHmommy! :)
I would like to pass this award on to: Lizzy ~ Christina ~Hallie ~Kate ~ This is a great bunch of boggin ladies, go check them all out because they will surely put a smile on your face! Congrats!

And as if that wasn't enough, Kimmy from Tales of a Blender Kimmy awarded me with a wee bit more blog bling! Watch out, before you know it I will need a pimp and an entourage, because you know...I'm just that cool! Ha. Thank you to Kimmy~ I haven't known her for very long, but I like her, I really like her. She makes me laugh, I always leave her blog with a smile. Thanks Kimmy! And now the rules... it seems by accepting this award I now have the daunting task of giving it to 10 other bloggers...10 really, only 10~ C'mon, this is tough...

Dayna ~ Laskigal ~ Amy ~ Happy Days ~ Mary ~ Valarie ~ Linds ~ Bridget ~ Kellan ~ Steph ~

Ok, so that is enough link practice for today, thank you for my awards, Congrats to those receiving the awards...I'm off to a nap~ yeah right as if the kids would even let me shut my eyes for 2 seconds...Annie always pinches my nose and says...Honk Honk Mommy! Yeah they are predictable like that! Have a wonderful day! :)

100 Things Challenge

#14) Let me tell ya- this is a funny FUNNY Knock Knock Joke Book- in the eyes of the children! This is actually a book I had growing up and it is fun to hear them giggle at the things I thought was funny when I was their age.
So we took on the coloring Challenge #23 and since it is a snow day here due to the BLIZZARD outside, the girls decided to have a PJ Party today. They showered up this morning and then came down in their pj's, I must have missed that memo because I actually showered and got dressed. If I had known it was PJ Party day I wouldn't have bothered.

Molly and Annie drew pictures too, but my battery died on the camera, so while that is charging we are going to go dry hair, and then think of what our next Challenge will be- I'm thinking moon sand sounds like fun. Since it is a BLIZZARD outside, I will have to control my urge to go do snow angels and all the other snowy challenge ideas.

To all of you who are joining us with this Challenge...I thank you! I will link to your page once I see the posts up or just stop back and let me know. AND to those of you who are on the edge about joining...C'mon!!!! It's not that bad, there is a list of 100 things, surely you can find a few to participate in. I'm not asking you to walk naked down a hall- they are pretty simple :) So till the battery is charged...go enjoy life, smile, giggle and be silly!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

100 Things Challenge


I have been reading a lot of blogs recently of people who are having a rough time lately. Whether it is an illness, winter blues, a bad day, a crummy job, teenager troubles, toddler troubles, we all seem to blog for very similar reasons- community, support, friendships, maybe to see that our day isn't as bad as we thought, our kids aren't the only nutty ones around. Well, I decided that what we all need is a fun game, so I challenge all of you to join in. Just think, if we all jump in on this, just let go and enjoy life, enjoy living, enjoy all the things that we are blessed with, including the community we have created and the support we have all given each other- just think how big this could become. This could be really FUN- now jump in...

I'm Challenging You!

Here's how it works:
1. Pick 5 activities from the list
2. Do the activities
3. Take a picture of the activities being done (if picture unavailable, just tell us about activity)
4. Copy this list and post the pictures of the activities being done
5. Let me know that you posted the pictures of the activities being done
6. I will link to your blog, so we can all see the pictures of the activities being done
7. Add your own activity idea to your comment
8. Check out everyone else's blogs
9. Create a FUN, creative blog group
10. Enjoy life, this is meant to be fun, silly, light hearted

Alright let's get this started:
1. Make a snow angel
2. Slurp spaghetti
3. Gurgle
4. Have a dance party and dance like nobody's watching
5. Wear pigtails
6. Swing as high as you can
7. Plan a party
8. Learn a new word
9. Ask someone for advice
10.Go barefoot
11. Visit an elderly person- bring a treat
12. Hang upside down on the monkey bars
13. Build a Lego castle as tall as you are
14. Read a joke book
15. Go fishing
16. Watch a home video
17. Play tag
18. Play tag at night
19. Do a puzzle
20. Thank a Veteran for their service
21. Enjoy a rootbeer float- let the bubbles tickle your nose
22. Skip
23. Color a picture with a new set of crayons
24. Play hopscotch
25. Play a board game
26. Donate a new US. Flag to someone who needs one
27. Create something in moon sand
28. Try a new recipe
29. Take an upside down picture
30. Read the comics
31. Blow a bubble with your bubble gum
32. Wear a hat
33. Pick a new ice cream flavor
34. Make funny faces (without worrying about wrinkles)
35. Do a paint by number
36. Sing a song loudly
37. Start a round of pool
38. Try a new fruit
39. Catch a butterfly
40. Go sledding
41. Read a new book
42. Eat a honey suckle
43. Win a marbles tournament
44. Go to bed before your bedtime
45. Drive a boat
46. Try a new drink
47. Put ketchup on everything on your plate
48. Throw darts
49. Shoot hoops
50. Go jet skiing
51. Have a snowball fight
52. Take a bubble bath
53. Jump on your bed
54. Leave a bigger than expected tip
55. Draw with sidewalk chalk
56. Roll down a hill
57. Get into a water balloon fight
58. Buy something for the person in line behind you
59. Play croquette
60. Go out of your way to help someone
61. Make a new friend
62. Ride a scooter
63. Do a somersault
64. Tell a scary story
65. Cheer for the underdog
66. Make a sand castle
67. Do a wordsearch
68. Play catch
69. Leave a candy bar in your mailbox with a note saying thanks
70. Listen to new music
71. Float in a pool
72. Make a craft or something with marshmallows and toothpicks (thanks Steph)
73. Make cookies with LOTS of sprinkles
74. Eat snow (white please)
75. Play with play doh
76. Call an old friend
77. Build a snow fort
78. Play tic tac toe
79. Challenge someone to a tennis match
80. Paint your nails a new color
81. Ride a motorcycle
82. Tickle a baby
83. Play hide and seek
84. Compliment someone today
85. Eat popcorn with no hands
86. Let your children do your makeup
87. Buy the BIG ice cream cone on a hot day and race the drips
88. Say the Pledge of Allegiance
89. Run through a sprinkler
90. Shovel your neighbors driveway
91. Try a new hair style
92. Show off your new shoes
93. Go for a walk in a new direction
94. Feed the ducks
95. Say YES to the kids when they beg for candy at checkout
96. Wave to a neighbor driving by
97. Ride a bike
98. Hug your mom or dad (or both)
99. Comment on a new blog today- build a friendly community
100. Life's too short- Remember your inner child!

This Challenge created by Girlymom at The Red Door who is not responsible for any accidents, embarrassments, chuckles, hackles, pulled muscles, messes, splinters, bruises, motion sickness, nausea, headaches, tummy aches. She is willing to take full responsibility for any happiness, friendships, immaturity, giggles and perhaps even a few smiles. Spread the news, share a smile!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Sight Words

I caught it...the flu bug. I have been under the weather all weekend, but my Hubby and my children have been taking care of me...I'm so lucky! Hopefully this will go away soon and life will be back to normal- I think I am hallucinating though...

My children are looking for bonus points, not only did they clean the toy room, play nicely together- full of giggles, offer me food and drinks every other minute- Lolo wanted to be my server, but they did their sight words...ALL OF THEM!! I bought this set of post it notes with sight words on them- back to school sale- I am too cheap to actually buy post it's already written on, that makes no sense, but they were only like 20 cents, so I splurged and bought them for her. Molly sat and wrote ALL of these words, handed the paper to Lolo who was in charge of hanging them ALL on the wall. We have recently switched their rooms all around, so Molly and Lolo are in a room together and it is not finished, the walls need spackling and paint, and the whole place needs more organization. Well, the girls took action and "made" a headboard...out of stick it notes. I am so proud of them, it was a lot of work and although it looks like a mosaic of paper to me, it is art to them, it shows me they are thinking, they are learning and they are liking it. My question for everyone is... what are some of the things you do/did with your children to encourage good reading habits?

Friday, January 25, 2008

Molly's Crazy Hair Day!

Crazy Hair Day- She's In!

"Mom, why are they called pigtails and ponytails?"
"Maybe because a pony tail actually looks like a ponies tail?!"
"But a pig doesn't have two tails- that doesn't make any sense!"
*Ok, so I walked right into this one, saw it coming, and still couldn't avoid it.*
Does anyone know the answer to this question?

Ok, it was buggin me, I have to clear this confusion, here's the official answer- click here.
Never knew there was actually a definition, now I want to know- who writes these things?

Molly decided to take part in the Crazy Hair Day festivities- until I was almost done doing her hair, then she complained (normal for her) about it sticking up, too tight, are people going to laugh at me. We talked through all of these issues- I thought she was good to go, I got the camara out to capture the moment (for all my blog friends of course) and that is when the leaky faucet started, minor drip at first, turned into loads of water gushing out, then back to the drip, the half smile, the M-O-oooO-M I am not going to smile, will you stop making stupid jokes, I will not smile. She fought the smile pretty good, even brought the arms up for cover, but in the end I could see her smile in her eyes. She loved the attention!
Enjoy the pictures and Have a Wonderful Weekend!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Crazy Hair Day

Tomorrow is Crazy Hair Day at Molly's school. She is not completely convinced that she wants to participate in this event, but regardless the girls decided to play "Hair Salon" in the toy room. I let them be. I let them get out ALL the hair brushes. I let them get out ALL the hair pretties. I even let them get out the squirt bottle. I was promised that they would not try and tie ANYTHING, hair or otherwise. Well, these Dora's were their victims. There were a few other victims, but they must have disappeared into Witness Protection somewhere. Overall they did a pretty good job and I realized something new in the process:
#1- They ARE capable of brushing their own hair much better than they claim.
#2- We have way too many Dora's around here, considering this isn't the half of them!
Wish me luck coming up with a crazy hairdo for tomorrow, I'll be sure to post some pics...if she decided to participate that is. Have a good one.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Oh Molly *giggle giggle, wink wink*

Setting the stage here... me loading the dish washer after dinner, Molly is supposed to be brushing her teeth for bedtime, but walks into the kitchen holding her toothbrush...

Molly: "Mom, I think I need a new toothbrush."

Me: "Oh yeah, why's that?"

Molly: "Mine's getting old, look it's all hard."

Me: "Just get it wet, it will soften up."

(She's jealous because her sister has a new one, her's is not that old)

Me: "Besides, maybe if you finally get that front tooth out- the tooth fairy will bring you a new one."

Molly: "Really? You really think she'll bring me a new toothbrush? Will she still leave money?"

Me: "I'm sure." *pause*

Me: "What makes you think the tooth fairy is a girl?"

Molly: "Because it's a fairy and fairies are girls. *pause* Well maybe it's mixed- maybe the boys have boy fairies and the girls have girl fairies, cuz that's how fairies like it."

*long pause*

Me: "Molly- go brush your teeth" I can pee my pants laughing. Ok, I am sorry- but this was funny and she didn't even know it. Hubby went to the store so he missed this- I am here chuckling, giggling, trying to control myself and I am the only one who heard this fairy conversation. Gotta love those words with the double meaning.


Molly brings home her Friday folder from school and is showing off all of her hard work from the week. She is learning sight words and they did a booklet for the word- WE.
On the cover is WE WE WE WE-

Molly: "This is our reading sight word book this week, I want to read it to you. "

Me: "Sure"

Molly: "WE WE WE WE"

Me: "Do you have to go to the bathroom?"

Molly: "Huh? No Mom- I went at school- I promise"

(she has a habit of holding it ALL day and has been called out on this a lot lately)

*pause* *longer pause*

Molly: "Mo-o-o-m!! Oh oh oh that's funny- I get it," *snickering to herself* "Ha- like Wee Wee."

Me: " What are you talking about Molly, it doesn't say wee wee, it just says We."

*winking and giggling* (what am I teaching her?!!)

How Do You Know?

This is my Baby Lolo. She was born in February 2003 in Hawaii. She is the baby who was the closest to the due date, yet my smallest baby. She was a cryer, screamer and altogether not very pleasant in the beginning. Of course she was a joy to have, to hold, to cuddle, to care for. Looking back- she made me a stronger mom and I love her for it. Well, she's not my baby anymore...

She is now in preschool, she has a new friend Bella. All we hear about lately is Bella this and Bella that. I have finally given in and allowed Lolo and Bella to have a playdate. They had a blast, they want to do it again. My question for everyone is...
How do you know-
-when it is safe for your child to go to someone else's house?
-if the family is ok?
-if your child is going to be in a good environment?
-what the older siblings are going to be like?
-when it's ok to ride in someone elses car?
-if your child will speak up for themselves if something isn't right?
-if the things they will learn from a friend are the things you want them learning?
-if you are being too overly protective?
-when to let go?

Monday, January 21, 2008


This is Nana (my MIL) and a cousin who just turned 3. We ventured out into the frozen tundra to her birthday party yesterday. Everything was purple butterfly themed including the cake. Nana makes the cakes. I would love to be able to do this, but I don't have the patience, time and talent. Anyways, I just wanted to share this picture with everyone.

We are in the middle of a winter storm...still. It is so cold that they posted warnings on the news that the salt is not working so the road crews are trying to keep the roads clear and putting down sand to help with traction. Lolo had speech this morning, so we all bundled up and ventured out. We have a big Dodge Ram truck, I slapped that into 4x4 and away we go. So today in honor of all of you in Texas and Florida, Cali, Missouri and all those other nice warm cozy places remember the rest of us while you play outside, grill dinner out, jump in your warm car, or walk outside barefoot- because I am freezing! Brrrrrrrrr....

Annie: "Hmmm, I know! Lez go beach- it warm!"

Do you think she realizes it's cold at the beach too? It's funny that the beach is 5 minutes away and she thinks it is always warm there- wouldn't that be nice! Oh and a side note, the picture of the truck...that hasn't been sitting there for more than 5 minutes when I took the pic...5 minutes, oh man, I can't wait to clean that off later! (Why, why did we leave Hawaii?!!)

Hope everyone is warm.