Tuesday, January 29, 2008

100 Things Challenge


I have been reading a lot of blogs recently of people who are having a rough time lately. Whether it is an illness, winter blues, a bad day, a crummy job, teenager troubles, toddler troubles, we all seem to blog for very similar reasons- community, support, friendships, maybe to see that our day isn't as bad as we thought, our kids aren't the only nutty ones around. Well, I decided that what we all need is a fun game, so I challenge all of you to join in. Just think, if we all jump in on this, just let go and enjoy life, enjoy living, enjoy all the things that we are blessed with, including the community we have created and the support we have all given each other- just think how big this could become. This could be really FUN- now jump in...

I'm Challenging You!

Here's how it works:
1. Pick 5 activities from the list
2. Do the activities
3. Take a picture of the activities being done (if picture unavailable, just tell us about activity)
4. Copy this list and post the pictures of the activities being done
5. Let me know that you posted the pictures of the activities being done
6. I will link to your blog, so we can all see the pictures of the activities being done
7. Add your own activity idea to your comment
8. Check out everyone else's blogs
9. Create a FUN, creative blog group
10. Enjoy life, this is meant to be fun, silly, light hearted

Alright let's get this started:
1. Make a snow angel
2. Slurp spaghetti
3. Gurgle
4. Have a dance party and dance like nobody's watching
5. Wear pigtails
6. Swing as high as you can
7. Plan a party
8. Learn a new word
9. Ask someone for advice
10.Go barefoot
11. Visit an elderly person- bring a treat
12. Hang upside down on the monkey bars
13. Build a Lego castle as tall as you are
14. Read a joke book
15. Go fishing
16. Watch a home video
17. Play tag
18. Play tag at night
19. Do a puzzle
20. Thank a Veteran for their service
21. Enjoy a rootbeer float- let the bubbles tickle your nose
22. Skip
23. Color a picture with a new set of crayons
24. Play hopscotch
25. Play a board game
26. Donate a new US. Flag to someone who needs one
27. Create something in moon sand
28. Try a new recipe
29. Take an upside down picture
30. Read the comics
31. Blow a bubble with your bubble gum
32. Wear a hat
33. Pick a new ice cream flavor
34. Make funny faces (without worrying about wrinkles)
35. Do a paint by number
36. Sing a song loudly
37. Start a round of pool
38. Try a new fruit
39. Catch a butterfly
40. Go sledding
41. Read a new book
42. Eat a honey suckle
43. Win a marbles tournament
44. Go to bed before your bedtime
45. Drive a boat
46. Try a new drink
47. Put ketchup on everything on your plate
48. Throw darts
49. Shoot hoops
50. Go jet skiing
51. Have a snowball fight
52. Take a bubble bath
53. Jump on your bed
54. Leave a bigger than expected tip
55. Draw with sidewalk chalk
56. Roll down a hill
57. Get into a water balloon fight
58. Buy something for the person in line behind you
59. Play croquette
60. Go out of your way to help someone
61. Make a new friend
62. Ride a scooter
63. Do a somersault
64. Tell a scary story
65. Cheer for the underdog
66. Make a sand castle
67. Do a wordsearch
68. Play catch
69. Leave a candy bar in your mailbox with a note saying thanks
70. Listen to new music
71. Float in a pool
72. Make a craft or something with marshmallows and toothpicks (thanks Steph)
73. Make cookies with LOTS of sprinkles
74. Eat snow (white please)
75. Play with play doh
76. Call an old friend
77. Build a snow fort
78. Play tic tac toe
79. Challenge someone to a tennis match
80. Paint your nails a new color
81. Ride a motorcycle
82. Tickle a baby
83. Play hide and seek
84. Compliment someone today
85. Eat popcorn with no hands
86. Let your children do your makeup
87. Buy the BIG ice cream cone on a hot day and race the drips
88. Say the Pledge of Allegiance
89. Run through a sprinkler
90. Shovel your neighbors driveway
91. Try a new hair style
92. Show off your new shoes
93. Go for a walk in a new direction
94. Feed the ducks
95. Say YES to the kids when they beg for candy at checkout
96. Wave to a neighbor driving by
97. Ride a bike
98. Hug your mom or dad (or both)
99. Comment on a new blog today- build a friendly community
100. Life's too short- Remember your inner child!

This Challenge created by Girlymom at The Red Door who is not responsible for any accidents, embarrassments, chuckles, hackles, pulled muscles, messes, splinters, bruises, motion sickness, nausea, headaches, tummy aches. She is willing to take full responsibility for any happiness, friendships, immaturity, giggles and perhaps even a few smiles. Spread the news, share a smile!


LaskiGal said...

I love this idea times a thousand. What a way to put life in perspective. I'm going to go grab my camera!!!

Amy said...

so sweet!!! i better get to it!

Happy Days said...

sounds like fun!!

OHmommy said...

Thanks!!! Today, I am so going to remember my inner child. All day long. I heading outside to eat some white snow before it melts. It is a whopping 45 degrees today. Oh, the warmth!!!

RachelT said...

Great idea.. I will be picking my things.. but my camera has been stolen by the toddler bandit!

Kellan said...

What a great idea. I can't participate in any of the snow ones (poor me), but maybe a few of the others - cool!

Have a good day - You are so fun and always so happy - I truly enjoy being your friend. Take care - Kellan

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Love this list!!

And, if you've got a beach nearby, I'm ditchin' Maine and moving to Michigan!!

We'd have a blast!!

Hallie :)

Maria said...

I'll do it! I can think of several of these I'd like to do! Thanks for a great idea!

painted maypole said...

oh that sounds like fun. maybe I will tackle a few. after I take a nap. ;)

kimmy said...

What a great list! If I could find a baby to tickle - I would do it in a heartbeat! Love their little laughs!


Lizzy in the Burbs said...

This is a great idea, Girlymom! I especially love your disclaimer, you're too funny! :) I'll see how many I can accomplish and document, should be fun!


KATE said...

I LOVE it! What a great idea. Okay, I'm in. Can't wait!

Courtney said...

I love this idea. What a perspective on life you have. I'll comment when I'm done with it!

Janice said...

Just found your blog and I am fairly new to blogging, but I love the Idea.

jennwa said...

I love this idea. I will surely be back to tell you which things I will be doing with pictures.
We all need more fun time in our lives!!!

krissy said...

Oh, you have no idea what you have done!!!! You see...me and my friend have "Wacky Wednesdays". We do crazy things and have pictures to show for it!

So, tomorrow....I will be armed and ready with my camara! I can't wait now!!!

Half of these I have already done and actually have pics somewhere of it but I want to start all over and do them again! This is a fantastic idea! You rock!

Be prepared for some fun pics tomorrow on my blog!

Valarie said...

What a great idea....hmmm....which ones will I choose........?? Guess you'll have to chekc in and see! :)

OHmommy said...

It is yummy. I did actually lick some off my fingers today while the kiddos watched,


And we put an outdoor tent up in our living room. It takes up the entire room. I took pics!

Amy said...

Oh how fun! I gotta check this list again and see what we can do, thanks for the idea!

kim-d said...

THANK YOU!!! I, too, have never met a chocolate I didn't like! Again, THANK YOU for being a connoisseur of chocolate, unlike some people *cough**HALLIE**cough* we know! HAHAHA!

I just love coming here everyday and seeing what your girls are up to! Those sweet little faces! And I'm gonna do The Challenge, as soon as I thaw out somewhat :)!

just jamie said...

Oh I love homework! Good idea. Thanks for the inspiration. I'll see how many I can accomplish.

just jamie said...

I'm actually printing this out and keeping it with me. Thanks for the *best* homework ever.

Mari said...

I love this! I am copying the list and will see what we can do with it.

Debra w said...

This is such a wonderful list! I think that I will make a copy of it to hang on my fridge! I love your attitude!


utmomof5 said...

I am sooo in!!! Look for the pictures tomorrow!!


Amy said...

Hi I just found you! I think we frequent some of the same blogs..lol what a fun blog and a fun challenge I will have to do this soon! Thanks!

MamaGeek said...

Oh my, that sounds like fun. Now if only I could get myself a little motivated! :)

kimmy said...

OK - I want to let my daughter do my make-up! That would be funny and she would love it!

If you get a chance take a peek at my blog - I left you something!


Mary said...

So fun! I will have to see what I can do :)

Julie B said...

what a great idea-count me in as well! I already accomplished "play hide-n-seek" last night, but no photos so we'll have to play again :)
I'll see how many we can do this week-both girls are sick with colds so that should cheer them up a bit!

Happy Days said...

I just came back to check the list! We got to hop to it! So many fun things!!! Hmmmm! I will keep you posted!!!

Melissa said...

I'm doing #99 right now :) I heard about your list from Mari. I think I'll have to do a few! Thanks for the fun ideas!

Chelle' said...

I'm in... getting started today. And if you are taking sign ups... better throw my three kids on there because just about anything I do... they do as they are with me daily.

Excited about this... :0)

This Southern Belle said...

Found your blog and this is such a great idea!


girlymom4 said...

Hey girlymom! It's me, girlymom4! lol Anyway, love this idea! I'm going to join in on the fun! Thanks!

Zoe said...

sounds like a great idea! i'm in!

Stacie said...

great idea....I shall try to participate.

girlymom4 said...

Hey! I didn't know if I was supposed to tell you that I've been posting these on my blog! Anyway, I have!

Lindsey said...

I found you through Laskigal.

This is a great idea. I'm going to blog about it soon and link to you. I can't wait to get started. BTW, Your family is adorable.