Thursday, July 2, 2009

Newest Update

I have not updated in awhile because I have been falling asleep. And because I have been waiting till this week. We are expecting again! I am over 12 weeks now! Whoa!! We had a 6 week ultrasound and saw the heartbeat of the little bean. Then at 11 weeks we were able to hear the hearbeat, a good healthy 150 beats per minute. I am measuring well and so far everything seems to be progressing very nicely! The due date is January 9th, I couldn't ask for anything else for Christmas than a healthy happy baby! Please keep us in your prayers that the baby will continue to grow and be healthy! Time to make lunch, tuck some little ones in bed for naptime and take a snooze myself. Wow am I sleepy this time around! Hope everyone is doing well. I promise to update more often now!

Cute quote from a 4 year old

-when asked how she got so smart...
"I think I know everything that I know!"
Nice one Annie! Love it!