Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Ok, so I am Guilty! Dels is about 10 weeks now, approx. 68 days, that is just shy of 3 months, over 1/6 of the way through her first year- and uh yeah so I haven't announced her yet...Guilty! I don't know if it is because of my "have to get the deal" attitude, you know where you know you can find those photo cards somewhere cheaper, every place has them now, it's not for lack of options. There are just too many options, how am I supposed to decide where to go?? And then I still have to decide the pictures to go on the cards!! How many cards? Do they include envelopes? Ugh- too many choices! So I finally sat down yesterday and went to Target.com, I heard they had some really cute ones at a good price. They are connected through Shutterfly and supposedly you can make them online and pick them up at your Target store- convenient- I'm all for it. So while I am trying to decide on a style I notice a few options where you can put more than one picture on the card- perfect for me as I can't decide on one picture anyways right? HA- big joke, now I have the option of up to 9 pictures- yet I can't decide on 9 pictures that I think go well together *UGH* Then throw into the complication that when I slide a picture into the slot- it chops the top of Dels head off- can't have that- (small pet peeve of Hubby's) So I have made four cards, none to my loving, but I am about to call it good enough and just get these darn things done.
As I am trying to finish up the birth announcement, I see an ad that says... up to 20% off holiday cards if ordered before Nov 20th (there's an asterisk, so I am sure there is a catch) So being that I am so stinking cheap and have to find that deal, I am now throwing on my plate a holiday card- I am going to make a photo holiday card as well- No biggie, just more options, choices, colors, cropping...maybe I should have my coffee first, that might help clear the brain or at least buzz it in to function mode. So wish me luck on my endeavors today, I will get these done, I am determined, motivated and darn it they are on sale so I'd kick myself if I didn't get that 20%!

The big question is...can I save on postage and send both cards in one envelope? Hmmm


Anonymous said...

I say: GO FOR IT! The more stuff you can stick in those envelopes that now cost FORTY-ONE!!! cents to mail, the better!! I remember when postage was what, twenty-three cents,(or was that for a postcard, in my old age, I forget) and I REALLY am NOT THAT OLD!!!
so anyway, you've got my vote!

Kellan said...

Sure - send them in one envelope.

I'm that way about these sort of choices - sometimes we just don't need all these choices as it makes it all so confusing and time consuming. And sometimes I just over think the whole thing. Take care and see you soon. Kellan

Stacie said...

I agree, you can do whatever is easiest on YOU. :) I just did my holiday cards. $.33/card, not a bad deal (through Walmart) and I couldn't choose just one photo either. I mean, it is so hard when we have GORGEOUS children like we both do. :D

Amy said...

i say, whatever works best for you. make it simple! btw, you've been tagged. check out my post. =)

Christine said...

Don't be too hard on yourself. I once sent out an announcement 5 months later, and I didn't send out anything for another. Look at the long run, it's not like she is going to tell you one day, "Remember how long it took you to send out announcements? You must have been embarassed of me or something." :)

Your daughter is so precious!

WorksForMom said...

Definitely send them in 1 envelope. :) Only you will notice! And I'd do whatever works best and is easiest for you my friend.

girlymom said...

Thanks everyone, I don't feel so Guilty now! I ended up ordering them tonight, Xmas cards too, they should be at my local Target within 24 hours. Just in time to sit and do addresses while I wait for the turkey to bake! Ha yeah right.

Steph said...

Ha! Well, 2 of my children didn't even get announced! Oh well, at least I knew they came right?
And do you mind if I ask the names of your sweet girls? Is the baby Dels? Is that short for something, or is that it? Does it mean something special? My husbands name is Dell...pretty cool coincidence I would say!
My girls are Sabryna (because we liked it), Mychigan (because my hubby spent 2 years there and loved it), Daisy Mae (named after my sister who passed away while I was pregnant with her), and Ryver (because we liked it, it was our boy name if we had one, and we couldn't think of anything else that we could agree on! Love it though!)
I love names and why people named their children what they did...hopefully I'm not being too nosey. :)
Oh and that picture of you and that sweet baby! Priceless and sooo cute!