Wednesday, November 28, 2007

We Don't Look Alike, What Are You Talking About?

So many people commented on how much we look alike. (haven't heard that my whole life! Haha) Here is a family picture with all of us one year ago. And because I am getting away with it, I am adding a picture of all of us doing the family joke... Tetunka! (long story, but it's from Dances with Wolves, when he tries to explain Buffalo by making horns like we are doing- I warned you, I am quirky- now you know where I get it from!) C&K-Oh smile girls, the whole world can see your Tetunka's! :)


Anonymous said...

LOL you're a funny girl...thanks for sharing the quirkiness that is our family!

Valarie said...

That's funny. My family (as in my mom and dad and siblings) would always take a "normal" pic and then a "funny face" pic. In fact, we still do that to this day.
You guys do look a lot alike. I look very similar to my siblings, but my children are carbon copies of each other. (and they look NOTHING like me!)

KATE said...

I love quirkiness! Nothing is better!!
Beautiful family!! I don't think you look alike at all. ha ha

Amy said...

looks like you have a really fun family. that's so nice.

Kelila said...

Well said.