Friday, November 2, 2007

PTA Fundraiser Ideas??

Since having the baby I have taken a "break" from the PTA meetings, but I am about to throw myself back into the mix, not sure why I want to do that to myself, but it is all for the kids right?? I find a huge discussion at the meetings is all about money and funding. I am not a huge fan of the fundraiser sales and am looking for any successful ideas from anyone. Right now they hand the kids a flyer full of "stuff" and send them on their way to bombard relatives and friends, coworkers, neighbors, and any unlucky person who looks into the kids' eyes and can't say no. I find it odd that we tell our children- "Don't talk to strangers," but it's ok to sell stuff to them and take their money! Obviously I don't care for these sales techniques. We have discussed bake sales, school yard sales, newspaper collection drives, but I am told these don't "make enough to make it worth it." Are there any creative SAFE ways to raise money for our schools? HELP!!


Anonymous said...

candy bars? at least they taste good and you get them right then and don't have to deal with who gets what at delivery time!

Kellan said...

You know at my kids' elementary school, they have a auction night (Bear Bash) and sell things people donate - people bid and the money goes to the school. Business and everyone can donate stuff. That's okay. But, I like what our middle schools and HS do - they have only one fund raiser, usually at the beginning of the year at an open house, where they ask for donations for the PTa - they have envelopes in all the classrooms and people just donate - They make quite a bit on these fund raisers, as parents are happy to just donate if they don't have to sell anything for their kids. Good luck - see ya.

Stacie said...

our school does a fun night, full of bake sales, silent auctions and other fun activities. They say it does pretty good at bringing in some extra money.

We also do market day and selling door to door stuff, but as anyone knows it just isn't as fun for us parents to sell and collect the money...then distribute the crap that is sold.

Lizzy in the Burbs said...

Hi Girlymom!

I had to write you back, because you made my day! You are the first person to comment on my blog and I was so excited to see that I had one! I just started my blog this past week, so I am the "new kid on the block" I guess. Incase anyone else is interested, my site is I actually checked out your blog the other day after reading your comments on Dawn's site (mom2my6pack), but I didn't leave a comment because I was in a hurry with Halloween, etc. Your pictures are great and may I say you have such a beautiful family! I think you're going to have your hands full in a few years when all the boys start calling! :)

Evidently all school districts are the same. We are also bombarded with fundraisers all the time. I agree with you 100% about the door to door thing, I don't like it and frankly, now a days it's just not safe to send kids knocking on the doors of houses where they don't know the people. My younger son's school has held a catered dinner/dance/raffle night that has become an anual event. They charge $60.00 per person and that includes dinner and open bar. Local stores and restaurants donate gift baskets or gift cards that you then bid on. They also do an anual fashion show held at a restaurant/hall, and I think they charged $40.00 per person for a luncheon. Kids and their parents volunteer to be the models and they get many stores from a large mall near us to donate the clothes (actually, they "loan" the clothes for the afternoon. I think the week prior to the show the models go to the stores and pick out the outfits and try them on, etc.) These have been very successful and do generate alot of money. I don't know if these would work for your schools, but you could modify them. Also, Target and some other large chain stores offer incentives to useing they're cards and will give a percentage of all sales back to your school.

Anyway, hope you and your family have a really great weekend!

WorksForMom said...

That's a good question, but I agree with KY - something cheap that everyone likes. I always hate it when kids sell stuff and the cheapest thing is $15 for something you don't really want.

*Le sigh*

Good luck! Keep us posted on your ideas.

Anonymous said...

At our school in MI as well, the elementary school does not do a fundraiseer where they sell stuff no one really wants, instead they do a walkathon. And what that does is you get family to donate to the "walk" and the kids walk for the pledges and ALL the money goes to the school. It is a better way to "make" money for the school without selling stuff people really do not want or need. And the kids all get a bracelt with the schools name on it, and if they get over $35 in donations then they get a tshirt with the schools name and logo on it. Just an idea,,,, Carrie

girlymom said...

Thank you for the walkathon idea, I really like that. Not only does the school benefit, the kids do as well in our overweight world. What a great way to encourage exercise. I will have to look into more details on that and present that to the PTA as a possibility. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

No plroblem about the walk a thon, our school did this in October and made over $10,000 (and we have a very small school) and ALL that money went to the school. It was GREAT, and the kids have so much fun!! They walk and talk and talk and talk and walk. It is really a site to see, they have fun get some excercise and the smiling faces, they thing it is almost like another "recess" or "gym", they really do like it... Good luck and if you want to have contact with our school that does this I can give you that information, just pop me an email to grrvservice at yahoo Good luck, Carrie