Monday, November 26, 2007


Funny nicknames we call our kids...

Goomba, short for goofball!
Weasel (Nana called one of the girls this at birth, c'mon that's mean, so her nose was squished!)
Twinkle toes
Princess Pie (after a #2 duty, we say you smell like a...)
Jabberbox (the child that won't stop talking)
Lorlor (sound it out, I've never spelled it before)
I would love to get a good list going, PLEASE add more of your own!


Anonymous said...

I call PJ lil man and monkey :) he climbs on EVERYTHING! keeps me on my toes!

Anonymous said...

each one of my 4 have a "special" nickname only mom is allowed to call them but i guess if i was to give u my fav i call my youngest b-man or beanie...his name is shayne..long story!

Dayna said...

I'm shocked my youngest even knows his name - we call him Cuddle Bug - and Francis, Phil (the Funky Monkey from Madagascar), Mater (Cars) and Stinky.

Add to it, that he has one of those names that not only has a formal name, but two possible nicknames, which we also call him. (Like, Michael, Mike, Mikey)

All in all, he'll go to kindergarten and not know what the heck his name is.

Cecily R said...

We call Gracie Moto because some cell phone company (I can't remember which right now)started their "Hello Moto" ad campaign around the time she was born. It stuck. For the longest time she thought Moto was her middle name!

I could serioulsy go on and on since Jon rarely--if ever--calls the kids by their given names. If he does, he usually sings them in some weird made up song that the kids roll their eyes at.

Family Adventure said...

Good names! Very funny - meme. Ready for the blogosphere :)

Ours include

B boy (for Benjamin)
C boy (Christopher)

And many, many others...


Stacie said...


As a child I was nicknamed Stacie Bug because my eyes took up my entire face. Wasn't that nice of my family? ;) Luckily, I have grown into those big eyes.

So in all loving ways, we carried the name to my daughter, she too had big beautiful eyes. So we called her Adi-bug. Which now has morphed into Bugga Boo, Bugs, Bugga, etc.

When my son was born, he was so skinny and long. We called him Bubba, kinda jokingly. Still though he is called Bubs or Dude. LOL. He also answers to Sammers, Sammy J, and just plain Sam. ;)

My brother's name is Chad, and he never stopped talking as a child, so accordingly he was nicknamed, Chatterbox. LOL

Kellan said...

These are cute names. I call Alexis, Miss Muffet and Tweety Bird. Take care.

Becky said...

We call our youngest "boo boo", usually shortened to "boo".

The older one, we still call "Jer Bear" or "Kokie" from time to time. His first name is Jericho. (And no, not after the WWF wrestler. ;O))

Mary said...

We call our little guy (his name is Thomas):

Found your blog through my sister at Your family is adorable!

Valarie said...

I have some really weird nicknames for my little ones....a few we use most often are....
Inky Binky (don't ask)
Sweet pea
Kai guy

KATE said...

I love this! I can't wait to play:
Lon - We call our oldest this. No, it has nothing to do with her name, her name is Savannah. But her little brother started calling her Lon & it has totally stuck. Vannah, Bannah, Vannie, Savannah Banana
Sissy - Again my little boy started this. My little girl Avery just thought this was her name & so did her brother. That's what he's been calling her since he could talk. Aves, Avey, Lyn, Lyndie Lou
Stinky Butt - it applies to all
Baby - I call all of them that
Princess Kitty
Fatty Patty, Fatty McFatterson, Brookie Beth,Baby Brooke.
Naughty Head
Sam the Man, Sammy Sosa, Samurai, Samm Samm,
We are huge on nick names at our house!!

girlymom said...

My brothers' name is Chad and he was on the bowling team in high school. They nicknamed him Chaderbox...again because he does not stop talking. For the back of his shirt they shortened it to just BOX- he works at the bowling alley now and is still called BOX!!

Thanks everyone for all the names, this has been fun! If you think of anymore, fill me in, these are great!

WorksForMom said...

Oh my, this was fun. For some reason all of our fun names revolve around my toddlers butt (chunky butt, smelly butt, stinky butt)... that seems so wrong now that I type it. :)

Lizzy in the Burbs said...

I'm coming in late here tonight, couldn't get on the darn computer. My son had a report to type (doesn't he know I'm missing my blogging?!) :) Geez!

Anyway, goes!

My son Andrew is 6'2" and 220 lbs., definitely not a small fry! That is why we lovingly call him "Baby Hughy" from the old Looney Tunes cartoon. We also call him "Andrewski" and "Andrewson" when we are feeling the Kung Fu vibe.

My youngest, Brian is known as "Bri-Guy", and "Skoomey-Gooey-Goo" which you have to sing to Frank Sinatras' Strangers in the Night. Silly, huh? (But fun, thanks for the chance to share!)

Anonymous said...

My son is almost 8 and we call him "Slim" dont know why, but only mom and dad can call him that anyones else calls him that and he tells them his name is Brandon. My daughter is almost 14, and we call her "Ade" or "mouth" her name is Adrianne, so Ade for short, and mouth well she is the typical teenager, and does not shut it!!

Anonymous said...

My son is almost 8 and we call him "Slim" dont know why, but only mom and dad can call him that anyones else calls him that and he tells them his name is Brandon. My daughter is almost 14, and we call her "Ade" or "mouth" her name is Adrianne, so Ade for short, and mouth well she is the typical teenager, and does not shut it!!

onthegomom said...

My kids have so many nicknames that I am surprised they know their own names. Here are some of the most used:
My daughter (she's the youngest and the only girl) at a VERY young age (under a year) called her brothers Bubby - the name stuck for my middle son and he is bub, bubby, bubbster. He is also my lil' alligator - his name is Alex (yes, he is 14 and yes I still call him that and yes, I do think he still likes

My oldest is almost 18 and has outgrown a lot of his nicknames, but when he was really little we called him Ry-Ry (his name is Ryan) and sometimes when I want to be a smartie, I call him that still, HA!

My daughter has SO many nicknames I can't even begin to think of them all, they just come rolling out at different times. Her name is Alyssa. We call her Peanut, Lil' LuLu, Sis, Lysie, Lysie-Lou, buttercup, pooh bear... and I have no idea how any of them started.

Well, I liked your idea... it got me going anyway. :)

R Family of 4 said...

I have been called Candy Cane my whole life. It at times has been quite embarrassing. I call my son Logan Logy Man and our daughter angel

Steph said...

Well, we call Sabryna beena or beaners or breenie or beans or beenie baby or beener weiner (my mom's nick name)
Mychigan gets called mish, mishy moo, moomoo, meme (initials are mim), mim, migin
Daisy is called dais, maisy day, pumpkin pie, princess, angel
and Ryver is called smiley, cutie butt, chubba, tinky terd, yellow roses, happy and baby.

CC said...

how about just the plain old 1,2,3, method of Dad's

girlymom said...

don't remember that one, remind me.