Monday, November 12, 2007

Girls Weekend- Everyone Needs One!

So I've been a bit of a slacker on the blog front, but all with good reason. SHOPPING!! My mom, sister and family friend all took the weekend off. I arranged babysitting for Friday till Hubby could come home and away we went. I felt like a teenager running out of the house for a fun night out. I have NEVER left the kids with Hubby and gotten out of the house for this long before, WOW does it feel good. I did take Dels along, she's 8 weeks old now, but I am still the Momma Milk Cow- besides if she's gonna survive in this house of girls she needs to learn how to shop, best to start young!

My little sister has been recently engaged, so we spent Friday night at a huge bridal shop where we bombarded her with tons and tons of dresses to try on. This is my LITTLE sister, the youngest of the sisters, I can't believe she is trying on wedding dresses, she's supposed to stay little forever not find the man of her dreams, get engaged and be trying on wedding dresses! I mean of course I am happy for her, but c'mon- she's my little sis. To top it off, she's talking about possibly taking a job in California, um, NO I'm in Michigan that is way too FAR. (Little history here, I just recently moved back to Michigan to be with family (Hubby-Naval Officer)) So someday I will get used to the idea of her leaving and maybe I will find pure joy in seeing those white dresses on her, but as of today- I'm not ready! The time at the wedding store was successful, she found many dresses that were unbelievably beautiful on her, the hard part is narrowing down the possibilities which is great because that just means another day out shopping with no kids to Help her. The rest of the night we pigged out on pizza and watched girly movies.
Outlet shopping- So Saturday we went outlet shopping to Birch Run Outlets. We spent the whole day shopping, Dels was quite fussy the whole day and I ended up carrying her for quite awhile. The stores were very busy with long lines, so that part of the day was not enjoyable. The part I enjoyed most was finding a few deals. Being that I have 4 girls, I was beside myself when I found skirts and belts for 99 cents at The Children's Place. Since it was such a superb price I bought 4 of the same skirt in different sizes, eventually the girls will all fit in the sizes and what a cute picture. If not, who cares- they were 99 cents! After a long day of shopping we checked into our hotel and had dinner and drinks. I actually ate HOT food and had time to do a mud mask. What luxury!
IKEA- So on Sunday we tackled IKEA, what a great store! We spent hours and dollars, what a blast! I found some great things. A small white kids bench that I plan to put by my front door. The seat opens so they can throw all their mittens and hats in there and I won't have to holler to pick them up all the time. (ideally anyways) We went out to a "sit down" meal, I can't remember the last time I sat for a whole meal! I tell you I was totally spoiled. Dels was in a much better mood after sleeping well all night. She was smiling at everyone and just hanging out happily. We hit some other fav stores, TJMaxx, Pier One, Homegoods. We eventually decided that we should head for home. Back to reality. So now today as I was getting kids ready for school, wiping diaper butts and rounding up laundry I just kept singing that old song over and over in my head...Back to Life, Back to Reality...not sure who sings it, but those lines are stuck in my head. I hope everyone had a great weekend and if not then you need to plan one like mine, it's a blast!


Kellan said...

ooooh - shopping! Way up high on my favorite things to do list! IKEA - love it! Have a good day.

WorksForMom said...

Ikea and outlet shopping trump blogging (or anything else) for that matter.

Wow, what a fun weekend!

Stacie said... glad you had a great weekend. I am in need of a "just adult girls" weekend too!

Lizzy in the Burbs said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend to me! Planning a wedding is so much fun, especially when you aren't the bride! So, do you get to be the slightly older, sexy and sophisticated bridesmaid? Infinitely more fun! :) Have a great day!