Monday, April 28, 2008

LoTs Of ChAnGeS HeRe!


Molly was playing with my brother's dog, who bumped her just right and knocked out the left tooth (looking at her) on Saturday night. The right tooth dangled all day yesterday and finally right before dinner, we sat together and while cheering her on, she tried to pull it out, turned it around backwards, laughed, cried, and then when she tried ONE MORE TIME and it was out! She was so happy. The Tooth Fairy has been very busy and is now broke! Molly wrote the Tooth Fairy a letter each night. The first one asking if the dog can have a treat for helping. The second letter asking if her sister Lolo could get something too, since she is so SAD that she isn't loosing any teeth yet. Somehow this sweetness is working out in their favor and not the Tooth Fairies who is now handing out extra money for sweetness!
Molly's Art
Just before our trip, Molly was awarded with an Art Award. She was very happy, excited and proud. It was nice to have an event that was all about just her. Aw- look at the smile with teeth!
Dels Rolls
While we were in Florida, little Dels learned how to roll both directions. She now plays on the floor rolling all over the place. I am not sure that I am ready for these days yet. I still enjoy setting her down and having her be in the same spot when I turn back around. Yikes, I better get my running shoes ready!
Annie Loves Her Music
Since our Florida Trip, Annie LOVES to listen to music. She loves her headphones, bobs her head to the music, swings her hips. She's a dancin girl!

Since we are talking about dance, guess what we have coming up this weekend?
Here's a preview...

Lolo started soccer too!
I just don't have a picture of her yet. She has been asking and asking. So I told her that when she is 5 she can play. On the morning of her Bday (Feb) the first thing she asks me...Can she play 5 year old soccer now? Well the signups are for fall and spring, it was kinda midseason. So I found an indoor rec dept. soccer class that she could join. So now she gets to run around and be a shark or a minnow and it is all hers. She's happy.
Thank you to everyone for the well wishes and kind words about my Grandpa. The funeral was very nice. It was great to see people that I have always heard about, but never knew...all the older Great Aunt's and Uncle's and such. My sister and her family came back in again from Missouri, so more play time with my nephew- who is so stinkin cute. I will have to share some pics of him soon too. My brother bought a new car, well a new car to him, it is a used VW Passat. He has been talking about a new car for over a year. He has been shopping, saving, comparing prices and finally went shopping with my Dad to find THE car. He brought it home last Tuesday. While we were at the funeral on Friday, somebody smashed his rear window. Aw...c'mon~ can you believe that? They think it might have been related to Senior Skip day...but how inconsiderate. Needless to say he was pretty bummed. On happier news, my Uncle from Virginia drove up, so we were able to spend some time with him. My Mom hosted a bunch of family Saturday night and it was a good time. There are promises of family reunions for this summer and I am told that I am helping to plan it. I guess because we always have such awesome parties (tootin my horn here) that I am now a party plannin girl! Sounds fun to me.
I told ya lots has changed here, lots going on. In the next few weeks, we have a dance recital, talent show, bridal shower, wedding, soccer, and of course all the end of year stuff too. Oh and birthday parties. Oh and our Anniversary. When's Mother's Day? There's always something right...that's what makes life interesting. Have a great Monday!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Kinda a Strange Post

I wasn't sure I would sit and write today. I don't have the time, I have a huge mess around here, but then I thought about all the wonderful people I have met through my blog and their lives. Do any of us really have the time? No...we make the time. So I am sitting here waiting on the washing machine, with 5 minutes before I have to make lunch sandwiches and I just want to say I am sorry and thank you.

First I am sorry to all the wonderful people who stop by here and leave comments, as I have been very neglectful in responding to your blogs as well. I would like to make a promise to visit and comment more often, but I won't. I know that as spring arrives, as it gets nicer outside, I will be busier than ever and wanting to be outside and enjoying the wind in my face. Ideally I would be able to juggle having kids with bubbles, chalk, scraped knees, bumps and bruises and my wireless laptop on my lap...but as of today I have not been declared Superwoman. So I would like to say Thank You to all of you who haven't given up on me, who still stop and visit, even to just say Hello. Please know that I appreciate it more than you know. I will be offline again for a few days. I am not sure how long, but my Grandfather just passed away last night and there will be quite a bit of activity going on. I would like to make the time to sit and blog, to come up with some clever, funny, uplifting thing to share. Instead I leave you with this strange post. I am off to celebrate the life of a 95 year young man, who is finally at peace. Peace be with You as well.

OK~ I goofed, his Birthday is tomorrow and he turns 92. I thought 95 wasn't right and after talking to my Mom, we determined He will be 92 tomorrow. Oops!

Monday, April 21, 2008

A Dolphin Story

Ok, I am finally getting around to sharing a vacation speedos involved. Growing up my family started going to Ft. Myers Beach for spring break. Everytime we went we stayed in a tiny cottage up on stilts...right on the water. It was simple, it was cozy, but we didn't care, we loved it and it was perfect. I am NOT a morning person. I have never enjoyed opening my eyes and turning on the brain first thing in the morning. I am usually in a cloud for at least the first hour. With that said, it was different in Florida. I don't know if it was because we were all sleeping on top of each other, or if it was just the pure excitement of being there. Whatever it was, I was happy to get up and get going. I also have this love of dolphins, so it was a good thing I could get my tush out of bed because the dolphins came by early for breakfast. On to my story...

This trip to Florida was my first time back in 9 years, my first time bringing my Hubby and children. I was so excited to share all the memories with my family. It was bittersweet seeing the tables turn, it was no longer me riding in my parents car, it was me being the Mom with my own car full of anxious children. Yes my whole family was there, all my siblings and then those brave enough to join our family too. We rented a duplex, both sides of it. We had 2 kitchens, 2 baths, 2 washers/dryers, 2 living rooms, 4 bedrooms, 2 decks...we had space.

Our first two mornings, I was up, I was ready, I was was Extremely dolphins. I was incredibly bummed. Here I have been telling stories about dolphins everywhere and now they are nowhere to be found. On the third morning I got up and walked out onto one deck thinking everyone on the other side of the house was still asleep. I had the baby and we sat outside watching the waves. I look over to the other deck and see my Dad- Ha someone else is up. He goes back inside and I go through the house to the deck on his side. My parents are both up and talking about how nice it is outside, I tell them I am going outside to sit because "I will not be sleeping when those darn dolphins finally come around for breakfast!" We go sit out on the deck and just take it all in. Eventually the rest of the gang wakes up and we start breakfast. As we are sitting outside eating breakfast, someone comments on how strange it is that we haven't seen a single dolphin. My children are sitting around with their mouths full of cereal and I decide to take this matter into my own hands. I turn to the water and call out "Dolphins, Dolphins...Where Are You?" Then I start making clicking noises. Yup I clicked my best dolphin impersonation...can you picture it? Call out again..."Dolphins!! Dolphins!!" Well, I kid you not, it wasn't even 2 minutes later we are back to eating breakfast and talking and I look over the rail towards the water...and there they were. They were right in front of us. They weren't down the beach, they weren't down by the pier...where did they come from? They popped up right in front of us. Hubby and I grabbed Molly, Lolo and Annie and ran to the water. The dolphins were in front of us for a short while, but were moving their way down the beach. I turn to Molly and tell her if she wants to see them more we are going to have to walk fast down the beach. To which she replies...

"Mom, why don't you just call them again?"

Thursday, April 17, 2008


You all remember my Dad? I posted this picture in the past. Everyone commented on what a handsome, good looking Dad I had...yeah thanks for those gave him a very large head and even though he is happily married he was disappointed with no phone numbers...Ha!

So here's how the story goes...
My Dad and my Sister C were discussing the high tides/low tides. Sister C so smartly informed my Dad that the moon had more to do with the Tide changes than the sun. My Dad disagreed and said it was the sun that played the bigger part in creating the tides. So they made a bet...

If my dad was right it was a $5 loss. If Sister C was right...Here it comes... He had to walk to the Pier and Back in a Speedo!!! Hee hee hee... guess what?? It's the Moon!! Gotta love internet, we were able to snatch some wireless from a nearby hotel and look it up...AND prove him wrong.

My other Sister K and her Hubby Drill Sergeant went out shopping the next morning and actually found Speedos in the store...Why? Seriously why would a hip downtown store be carrying these in stock is beyond me, getting past that idea, they bought bright RED! They also bought MATCHING yellow Corona suits for ALL the guys. That's a whole nother story though.

My Dad has a great sense of humor, but he is never wrong. So the whole family was after him about this one. Needless to say his sense of adventure, sense of humor and maybe lack of self pride won over and he put it on. Now I must warn you...he tans very fast...he's been wearing his long bathing suit all week... there are areas that are NOT tan...that's what made the whole thing so funny!! He put it on and he went walking...with all of us following, laughing and of course video taping!! He got quite a response because it was a weekend and a crowded beach... BUT he did it and he stood proud with a smile ALL THE WAY TO THE PIER...DOWN THE PIER...AND BACK! Picture it...Papa walking the beach with his children in tow...laughing... I mean supporting him and laughing...5 guys walking behind him in matching YELLOW Corona bathing suits... My Mom about to fall over in embarrassment, yet still video taping and explaining to the crowds that he lost a bet to his daughter, the crowds finding this very amusing and spreading the was a great moment in time!




Thanks for the memories...I think!

My offense to anyone who likes, admires, or wears speedos.

To each their own~ whatever ya wanna wear...just don't sit by me.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

50 Today

Today is my Mom's Birthday.
I haven't put together a Tribute to her yet for a few reasons, one being I didn't have all the pictures on my computer yet, another being that I am at a loss of words. I have sat down and tried to write a Tribute to my Mom since starting this blog. Each time I start I end up deleting it...thinking it just isn't enough, not quite right. As I sat down this morning to write about my Mom, I grew frustrated. Why is it so hard to creatively write about my Mom? Why?

It is now almost 10pm. I took the kids over to my Mom's for pie tonight. And you know what I did? I gave her a card that I have been saving for about a year now. I gave her the card, wrote a little ditty inside, from me to her...all about having 4 children and truly appreciating and admiring her more and more everyday. That I am thankful for the friendship that we have. You know what she did? She smiled then she laughed...then she told me I already gave her that card! I knew it was a good card, I mean it had to be if I gave it to her twice...but how did I not know that? With the kids running around giggling, my Mom holding her 2nd really cool card and chuckling, it hit me. I don't need to write some big elaborate letter to my Mom. She gets it, she knows how much I love her without a single word. We have this connection that only those really close can possibly have. I can look at her and know what her eyes mean, what mood she is in. I can be explaining something and she knows what I mean. We call each other constantly, with some of the dumbest, simplest things~ usually answering the phone with a "Miss me already?" or "Me Again" and sometimes it simply "What now?" We have moved on from the teen years of Mom being "so uncool" to the grownup years of raising a glass of Captain and Coke. We agree and we agree to disagree. We can say what wants to be heard and then also we can be very blunt and honest as well. In high school, when I had trouble with friends, my Mom told me that friends would come and go, friends would be nice one day and turn on you the next, but family was different. Your family is always your family, no matter what. At the time I didn't truly get this. My friends were my life, my sisters were younger and we were at different stages of our lives. I get it now. I know what she was telling me and I have experienced it firsthand. BUT, there was one thing she never explained to me when telling me this. I never expected my best friends to be IN my family. I didn't expect that my Mom would be my Best Friend. I am grateful to have grown older, to figure it out and finally after all these years I will FINALLY admit it...

Mom You Were Right!

HaPpY 50th BiRtHdAy MoM!
On a side note... when leaving my parents house tonight, my Dad asked if I would be kind when sharing pictures of the Speedo scenario...Ha ha ha...Yeah right! Pay backs!!
To my Mom's request...Yes I will post a picture of Dad in his regular swim suit as well, so everyone doesn't think you married a Nut. But watch out, because the Speedo shots will blind ya! I'll bet you are all just so anxious to see these pics and know what the big fuss is about...
maybe tomorrow!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Plugged Back In

I did it, I unplugged...Why?
I took off the shoes and wiggled my toes in the sand,
sat with the breeze in my hair and the sun on my face.
It was wonderful!
I am back, I am plugged back in...I have so much to share.
But first I have to get back into the everyday life.
Kids to school, lunches ate...where are my keys?
I have tons of pictures, which I need to snag from my dad's computer.
I have lots of great stories, some including dolphins, kids, family and
Papa's speedo!!
Stay tuned for that's a good one!
I am back, I am plugged in and once I get a bit more organized,
I will throw together some new posts! Stay tuned...

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Unplugging for Spring Break

As you all can tell, my life revolves around my family. Lolo has started her spring break and is home with me along with Annie and Dels. Molly is the one who has been sick and just yesterday went back to school. (High temp, cough, no appetite~ watch out, it's going around) Anyways, getting to the point... I have been online quite a bit, I love to read your blogs and I love being able to share a glimpse of our lives in my own blog. BUT~ I have decided that for spring break, I will be spending it with my family, my children who tug for my attention. I only have one chance in my life to mold and create wonderful children and with everyone out of school, this is my chance.

Of course I do have to mention the video. I saw this on the Today Show. At first I was listening with only one ear, but later on in the interview it really caught my attention. Part of me listens to these ladies and says "Well, who the heck buys all the technology toys for the kids?" OR "If you don't like seeing your children plugged in to all these gadgets, why not change that?" So listen to the video and give me your opinion.
Are you too plugged in?
Are your children?
At what age do you think tech gadgets are appropriate?
Do you allow tv/other gadgets in their bedroom?
Do you limit time spent plugged in?
Time spent plopped down in front of the tv?
What are some positives/negatives of tech on your life?
Just a few idea questions, now tell me what you think.

For now, I am turning off the cartoons...Goodbye Dora! I am turning off the morning shows. I am unplugging the computer *sigh and a tear*

Watch out kids, you are in for an overdose of MOMTIME!