Tuesday, November 6, 2007

More Noise or Music??

Check out my 130 year old piano, fits right in with the house, again 130 years old... at least!

We recently purchased a piano and I am looking to start the kids in lessons. I never took lessons and being that I am not at all musically inclined and know absolutely nothing about playing (again trying to relive my childhood through my children) I was wondering if anyone had some pointers on what to look for in hiring a piano teacher?? What's the going rate anyways? So far I have heard about $15 per half hour, what do you think? Is 6 years old too early, right on or too late? How about 4? So if there are any musically inclined people out there, please fill me in! Thanks!


Family Adventure said...

I can't answer any of your questions, having absolutely no such experience. All I can say is that the piano looks beautiful, and the girlie looks super cute :)


Kellan said...

I think 6 is the perfect age to start piano. My girls both started at about 7 and still take piano. I took when I was a kid for 8 years. That is a beautiful piano - lucky you!

Anonymous said...

You know...if we were in town hubby could teach them, he's incredibly musically inclined...but we're not, bummer, huh? The piano looks great, it's so pretty!

Stacie said...

GREAT PICTURE and piano. ;)

I think 6 is a great age to start lessons...I would see how the 4 year old acts, if she is interested, then why not?