Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Annie's 4th Birthday!

It's amazing how in a few years so much can change. It seems like yesterday that we were living in Chicago, expecting, with great anticipation, our third child! Actually when I think about it, time seemed to crawl when I was pregnant and waiting for her. Ever since then time has flown by way too quickly! Speaking of time, here's a funny story about our little Annie and the time that she flew into the world...

We were going about our normal schedule for a Wednesday morning. We went to our regular playdate at a friends house, chit chatted with everyone, I felt wonderful. Nothing was out of the ordinary that morning. I took the kids home to grab a few things, kill a bit of time. Not in a rush, it was just a calm, easy going day- time was on our side! I loaded up the minivan and left for my regular Doctor's appt. I pulled into a parking spot, turned the car off, looked to my side and just then my Hubby pulled into the next spot. He was still in the Navy, so he was in uniform and driving our big Dodge Ram Quad Cab... he looked good! We are early for the appt and stop to look at flowers, play with the automatic door, push the buttons on the elevator, were wasting time! Once in the Dr. office, the kids are behaving awesomely- people actually commented on how well behaved they were being. Molly was holding the door for people, Lolo was saying Hi to everyone that looked at her. Then it's our turn. We all head back to the room- well because it's just the four of us and we still fit in a small room altogether! The Doctor measures, weighs, listens, everything looks great! I mentioned that my lower back has seen better days. My children LOVE to sit on my siatic nerve, which causes a lot of back pain. He wasn't going to check, but at the last minute, because of what I was describing with my back, he decides to check. The kids were busy playing, not paying any attention to me, so they just stayed in the room. Good thing because I needed my Husband there for what the Doctor said next... "Wanna have a baby today?"
I was dialated to a 6, pretty far along in my effacement. He said to go home grab my things and meet him at the hospital. I think I was in shock! (Let me clarify that Baby #2- Lolo, was a very FAST delivery in which they were ready to send me home and I said No- Good thing because she was born within the half hour!) So you would think I would be freaking out now...nope! I drove the kids home, called my girlfriend from the playdate to try and locate the Mom who was going to babysit my kids while I was in the hospital. Can't find her. Call my Mom, who jumped in the car with my Dad and SIL and drove from Michigan. We went home, ate lunch together, I eventually went and got some things together and said, well, we should probably get going. Got ahold of the babysitter at last, dropped the kids off, sat and chit chatted and eventually got in the car for the trip to the hospital. But wait... I was giving birth in a civilian hospital this time and they actually have DVD players, so why not stop at Blockbuster- right?! Hubby and I walked all around, picked out about 5 movies, went to pay and realized we didn't have our card with us. We had not resigned up since moving to Chicago, so they were going to make us redo everything. All of a sudden, at this moment, is when I realized that I was CALM, but Hubby was not. He was nervous. He looked at the checkout lady, set the movies down, told her she could "keep" her movies and walked out! Whoa... wait a minute, we took the time to pick out the movies and now we are leaving without any!! I waddled my way out to the truck, climbed in and looked at Hubby, who just simply said, "if you want the movies that bad, I will come back for them later- you're having a baby today and need to be in a hospital." Ok, now I was nervous! It was 3 blocks to the hospital, I blinked and we were there. I'm still thinking that time is on my side. We walk in, the receptionist points us in the direction we need to go. I start walking, Hubby tells her that I am having a baby and they all think I need a wheelchair. Yeah, that's ok, I still feel fine, don't know what the fuss is about! I walked up to the birthing unit, they were ready for me. My own room!!! This is a five star hotel compared to where I had given birth before! I get all prepped, brr it's cold, a bit breezy in the gown! I curled my hair, waited for the Doctor to come in. The nurse told me I should be in the bed, not curling my hair- gotta look good in those first pics right?! I requested an epidural, having gone through Baby #2 without one, I decided that it would be nice to enjoy the birth of the baby. My parents and SIL walk in the room...from Michigan! They made it in time! The epidural was now in, the Doctor came in to check things out. I told him... I told everyone, that as soon as they broke my water, that Baby would be born. I told 'em and they should have listened! The Doctor broke my water and walked out. Not even five minutes later and I am IN pain, with an epidural! I paged the nurse, who told me that I was fine, there couldn't have been any change that fast. I demanded that she check me, sure enough I was ready to go. She paged the Doctor, who came in with a bit of disbelief, but checked anyways. "Nurse, we are having a baby now!" The Nurse ignores the Doctor, who turns to her very seriously and says it again with a bit more urgency. The Doctor then informs me that the Baby is crowning... as if I didn't know!! The Doctor tells me to stop pushing...I'm not! And then, we meet for the very first time, our little Annie! Another Girl and we couldn't be any happier! Our little Annie, who knew what she wanted on the day of her birth and has known what she wants ever since. Annie, you were born with a little red mark on the side of your nose. The Doctor said it was probably from the birth being so quick and that it would go away. Today you still have that little mark and I love it! It is a reminder to me of the day that we met you. The day that we were Blessed to have you in our lives! You are my Sunshine- Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I suppose I should update...

Since my last post was rather somber and sad and that's just not the person that I am, I figured I need to update everyone with a bit of happy cheer!! So what's been going on around here...
- a huge St. Patty's Day party at our house
- awesome 2 week vacation in Florida!!
- purchased new SLR camera and finished first photography class
-Molly and Lolo performed sign language to a song in the Talent Show
- Molly selected as dancer of the month
- Molly selected to assist a Senator plant a tree at the school for Earth Day
- a new niece welcomed to the family
- a new nephew welcomed to the family
- surprise bday party for BIL a success
- bully at school dealt with and situation slowly getting better
- Lolo's art selected for the Art Award night
- spring soccer season started
- news of another niece or nephew in the family this October
- ripped front porch apart and replacing support and flooring
- all clothes organized into bins by size and season (anyone with lots of children can relate to why this is on my list!)
- date night
- cleaned up the whole yard including the tree fort and we are allowing the kids to play in it this year. They were too young before and this summer we decided that they are ready for it. We will have a paint party with friends over to paint the inside and hopefully I'll be able to make some Hawaiian curtains as well. That is our theme- Hawaiian, since the two oldest girls were born there. Sorry Annie, I can't build ya the Sear's tower in honor of Chicago.
-Ok, ok, so this is enough for now. I know I am missing stuff, especially Florida details, but that is a post on it's own. Overall, everyone is doing well, keeping busy and getting back into the swing of things. I apologize for not visiting everyone and keeping up to date. I have a huge list of projects for this family and for this house, so I will have plenty of things to report in the future. Hope everyone is doing well!