Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Raking Away Again!

Tie me down! We are blowing away over here!! Ok, so obviously I need to watch the weather reports a bit more. I spent ALL day Saturday raking, mowing and doing a seasonal change chore day. I used the leaf blower, cleaned out what was left of the garden, cleaned out the shed, overall I went to bed feeling pretty darn achy, but I gave myself a pat on the back for how good things were looking. Literally, I laid in bed and patted my shoulder- my Hubby was a bit curious about what that was all about, but I knew and that's all that matters. (Sometimes I think it's good to keep him guessing!) Wouldn't you know, just my luck, that night we were under a wind advisory! A WIND ADVISORY- C'MON- Who advises the wind anyways, why do they call it that? I officially nominate myself to advise the wind-

"Wind" I say loudly out the back door (back door so the neighbors don't think too weirdly of me)
"Wind, I advise you to blow all the leaves to the front curb, right where I left them, otherwise you will be spending some time in the naughty chair!" (works for the kids, worth a shot right?!)

"I am also requesting that you gather the leaves that have since fallen off the trees and bring them to the front yard as well. Thank you so kindly!"

Ok, so maybe that's a bit far fetched, but C'MON- I just raked them all and dumped them all. What's the point. I have now as of this minute decided that I vow to NOT rake, not one single leaf ever again...well at least not till every single leaf is off the trees, then I might rethink this a bit and venture back out there, drag the rake out, the leaf blower and tackle it all over again. Hey at least it's worth another pat on the back and a chance to again make my Hubby turn his head and look at me quizzically! Hee Hee Hee, oh the joys! So for now, this is me signing off...NOT RAKING!!


Kellan said...

You have just described the story of my life - see ya.

Stacie said...

oh that stings a little, crappy wind. Well, my advisory to you ;) is don't do the raking again for a while...heck, why is it we need to do it anyway? Doesn't it just become mulch? :D There, I vow to leave the leaves to mulch my grass. Done. *pats back*

Lizzy in the Burbs said...

Hey, Girlymom!

I have been procrastinating all morning long and not getting done a bunch of things that I need to get done, and was just about to punch out for the day so that I could, you know, get these things done,.. when lo and behold, I saw that you had sent me a response, so naturally, I felt compelled to write you back. (I'm not stalling, really)

From the pictures on your site it seems you have a rather large yard, which contains many trees and an equally large amount of leaves which need to be raked, yikes! You mentioned that while you were raking these thousands of leaves your hubby was inside watching the Navy/Notre Dame game? No wonder your shoulders were hurting! (or was it from the shaking of your hubby off of the couch and onto the floor immediately afterwards?) :) Just kidding!

Yes, my family will regretably be staying away from all sporting events for the fore-seeable future until the "hex" can be lifted. Tell your hubby his Navy team is safe for the time being!

Lucille said...

Ha, ha - great moments in life huh? I'm one of those naughty neighbors that HAS NOT done my job of raking yet. We too had the wind and I'm thinking my house will be EGGED since my leaves are now a shared commodity!

Thanks for the post on my blog - I appreciate it!


Family Adventure said...

Hi girlymom. I just found your blog, and I must say - I love the pictures. Too cute!
And I can totally relate to your raking issue. My husband made so much fun of my boys and I last year, when we spent hours raking leaves in the front yard (we have a lot of trees). He came home, took one look, and then pointed up to a massive red maple tree that had yet to shed any leaves and asked "And what happens when this one goes?" Of course, we should have waited. The very next day a massive storm blew through and the yard was covered again. Argh!

So...next time, I'm waiting with you!

Heidi :)

Lucille said...

Hi again - I know 2 comments in a row from me? What is going on? Must be the time change.

THANK YOU for sharing your HORN story on my blog - I so appreciate that and it made me smile thinking of you and your sister being "horny" - ha, ha!


Me aka Lucille

WorksForMom said...

I'm with you on raking!! I'm always just praying for a really strong westerly wind! Is that mean? :)