Thursday, November 1, 2007

$4 for 4 Costumes- Yet PRICELESS!!

Ok, so it's time for a bit of Mommy show and tell. I might be a tad biased, but I happen to think I have adorable children. Oldest to youngest, we have a dancer, a snow princess, a kitty cat and a bunny.

Background story on the costumes: The oldest two received hand me down dance costumes from an older cousin, which was Amazing because #1- FREE #2- they were big on them, so being that we live in Michigan I was able to cram a ton of layers underneath. #3- the kids liked the outfits because they came from an older much adored cousin- therefore there was no arguing about them not being COOL enough!

My little kitty cat idea actually came from watching Dora. Annie is obsessed with Dora and in her Halloween cartoon she is dressed as a cat. When we were originally trying on costumes, she screamed with anything on her head. So I was willing to compromise. I already had a full black fleece body suit from the previous year being a pumpkin. We were just going to put that on and paint a few whiskers and call it good, but on my last minute -Oh My Gosh It's Halloween and I Have NO Candy to Pass Out- trip to the store yesterday we stumbled across the kitty cat costume. Amazing because #1- 50% off, therefore costing me a whopping $4 #2- it was her size with enough room to still cram the warm clothes underneath #3- she loved it and showed everyone in the store, no screaming!!

Then there is my bunny. I am a bit heartfelt over the bunny. The bunny was purchased when Molly was born and has been worn by each child. I was so happy when I found this costume because it is almost identical to the bunny costume I wore as a baby. Ok, I'm not going to cry, promise. So my amazing 3- here it goes. Amazing because #1- FREE #2- again roomy enough to multi-layer, even add a hat underneath #3- She loved it so much she slept through all the trick or treating snuggled up inside.

So there you have it, 4 children dressed in 4 costumes for the Amazing cost of $4!!
PRICELESS Happiness had by all!!


Lucille said...

Awwww - you aren't biased - your kids ARE BEAUTIFUL! So glad you had such a good time and some wonderful memories. I have to share - I have a friend that buys all of her kids costumes when they go on sale - she has them for the next 5 years. She convinces them to be whatever it is that she bought! :)

I could NEVER pull that off, but hey she is an attorney so she is good at "arguments".

Kellan said...

So adorable - all of them. I don't know abou you ... but I'm relieved its over. Have a great day. See ya.

Stacie said...

THAT is fantastic. You are bias, but I have to agree, you have BEAUTIFUL children!

We live in NW the makers of costumes KNOW what our weather is like? WE have had SNOW on Halloween before (though this year, perfect) what is WITH the skimpy costumes? Try telling the Snow White that she has to wear sweatpants under her "gown" and you would think the world would end.

Annette in BC said...

Congratulations on a super successful Hallowe'en!

I don't know you or your kids, but I gotta agree - they are adorable! And the cheekbones on the dancer, yowza. Tell Daddy to get the shotgun ready, the boys are gonna start a stampede!!

girlymom said...

stacie... both my older girls wanted to be princesses last year and we went through the world coming to an end scenerio... therefore we still have princess but we made it a snow princess who lives where it is VERY cold and needs to wear lots to stay warm! Sounds pretty far fetched but she went for it!! Yippee!

Anonymous said...

Sarah here-
Oh my gosh! They are so super adorable! I love them all! They are all getting so big!
I wish Thanksgiving would come faster so I can see you guys!
Take care, give everyone hugs and kisses!

<3 Auntie Sarah

WorksForMom said...

I love that. The costumes really were fantastic. And the smiles on their faces, totally priceless.