Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Funny things we HEAR from our kids...

I've got oogies in my nose

Mom, I've got one of those "hang ten" things on my finger (hang nail)

My Lolo who's 4 has been going around reciting every and any word she knows how to spell, she's the spelling champ this week. She knows Mom, Dad, cat, dog- you know the simple ones. She came up to me last week and asked how to spell Mother. Me: "Why Lolo? I don't want you calling me that- it makes me feel OLD." So last night at dinner, my oldest- Molly was doing her spelling champ list and asks how to spell Mother- without hesitation Lolo chimes in: "Molly you can't call her that, it will make her OLD!"

When I was pregnant with Annie, I took the oldest two girls with me shopping. I had a Navy Ball to attend and not much to wear- that fit anyways. Molly was 4 and Lolo almost 2. We all squeezed into the fitting room with a stroller and an arm full of dresses. Determined to not have them touching everything in sight, I kept Lolo in the stroller and Molly sat on the little bench facing me. As I was changing, Molly got sight of my top half and blurted out (quite loudly I might add) "MOM- Your b%bs are getting HUGE!!" Not bad if we were the only ones in the fitting room, but no, it was full- there was a line- and everyone heard- Yup, love those embarrassing moments! -----Same trip different store---- We went into a Macy's type store after eating lunch. Being that I was pregnant and had two children with small bladders, we were rushing around looking for a restroom. We found it, of course way in the back, behind clothes and conveniently sale racks. I almost swerved looking for the deal, but reminded myself of the small full bladders in company. So again I squeeze everyone into a stall, child 1- Done, child 2- Done. We are doing pretty good. My turn- as I maneuver the kids around so- #1 they can't escape and #2 I can actually sit without my knees to my chin- Molly blurts out: "MOM- are you going potty too?" I quietly try to shush her and reply yes. Ok, not bad, that wasn't embarrassing, so what if everyone knows what I am doing right? I mean isn't that why we are all in there to begin with? Yup, she can't leave it at that... "MOM, are you going Poopy too? Something's stinky? EW, Mom something smells like poopy!!" She continues to carry on and on- over my not so quiet shushing. And guess wasn't even MY poopy- someone else, not me. So after she is done going on and on, we make our exit for the sinks only to see a line of ladies staring. I wanted to crawl under the stroller and be pushed away!

So that was really long, I'll try and come up with a few more shorter ones and continue to add them.

Hopefully everyone is enjoying these lists. It has been very entertaining, PLEASE comment and fill in with a few of your own!


Family Adventure said...

Can't think right now, but got a good laugh out of your story. Very cute! :)


Anonymous said...

At least they didn't pick their oogies in the grocery store and wipe them on top of their someone else i know used to *wink *wink!!
Ha Ha I'm so mean!!!

Stacie said...

darn you and your thinking posts...let's see funny things my kids say....

When Sam is mad at me he UN-invites me to his birthday party. His exact words go something like this,

"fine, I can't have *insert wanted item here* you can't come to my birthday party"

Hmmm, what else? (I need to pause my music to think)

darn it, can't think of anything.

KATE said...

I love that I'm not the only one with kids who say crazy things!!

Just the other day my little Avery (who is six) said mom are we having any more babies? I said no, I think we have enough babies. She said, um yeah but your tummys still big, are you SURE you're not having anymore babies?

There goes the 'ol self esteem! ha ha

Valarie said...

When we go to McDonalds, my 5 year old orders a "hambooger" everytime! When my 3 year old wants to say the word "forgot," he messes up the syllables. So, he will say, "Mommy, you gotfor to give me a drink!" It's pretty cute.

Becky said...

LOL on the dressing room comments! I think everyone has a few of those.

Many years ago, my very pregnant sister-in-law, was in a dressing room with her toddler daughter. As she was struggling into an outfit, her daughter crawled out under the door. On the other side, she heard a sweet old black woman who'd just exited the room beside her saying to her little escapee, "Oh, my, don't you have the most beautiful blue eyes!"

Having been taught not to talk to strangers, our neice said very rudely, "I'm not supposed to talk to people like you!"

While she meant strangers, it came off sounding racist. Needless to say, my sister in law was totally mortified and didn't want to leave the dressing room. Ever.

WorksForMom said...

Those were great. My son is only one, so we haven't hit any of those gems quite yet. :)

Kathryn said...

Too funny.
My Mom was saying to my boys, "you are the nicest boys I know.", and my 4 yr old said back, "well, we can be kinda sassy sometimes, so you're gonna have to find some other boys." HA HA!
I think it was that same day she said, "Oh, Joey, do you have Grandma's cold?" and Joey said, "No, I have mine.". Teehee

Lizzy in the Burbs said...

Since the weather has turned colder I have started making some more traditional winter foods, like big pots of soup, etc. My youngest Brian is quite a picky eater, and asked what we were having for dinner. I told him soup, but not what kind. I usually make chicken noodle, but for something different decided to make a beef vegetable, similar to minestrone. Brian sat down at the table and dug in with a big spoonful, put it in his mouth, and then got this terrible, pained look on his face. He swallowed like he was swallowing a mouthful of glass and blurted out "Oh, man! What IS this stuff? It tastes like somebody's butt!". I had to laugh because 1. I had used a beef rump roast, and 2. wondered where in the world he'd come up with that comparison?

Amy said...

oh the things they say!!! matt once told me that my eyes were all cracking - they were blood shot!

Anonymous said...

my son says when he grows up he wants to be a vegetable..{vet or zoo keeper}i thought i was gonna die

Kristen said...

Gosh, so funny! I too have experienced the joys of little, LOUD mouths in the bathroom In fact, all the time:)

Steph said...

Yes, funny!
My Daisy said "Mom, do you cry with drip drops out of your eyes?"
Sabryna said "I think I speak Seagull" once when she was immitating them.
Mychigan said once *in a whisper*: "Mom, can I have some p-e-f-m?" Me, whispering back: "What's p-e-f-m?" Mychigan, no longer whispering: "You know, Gum!"