Saturday, November 29, 2008

Annie's Haircut

Before: After:
I took the oldest two girls to church this morning, because we volunteered to help with the Angel Tree. When we were done I surprised them with a trip to the hair salon. Normally my SIL will cut their hair, so this was the first time that either of them has sat in a salon chair with all the mirrors. They were pretty excited! We did a bit of boring grocery shopping, stopped at Pizza Hut for some Book It pizzas and headed home. When we got home Annie was a bit bummed that she didn't get a hair cut too. So after bribing her with eating her lunch all gone, I got the scissors out and started working on her hair. My intentions were to go about shoulder length, but she had some pretty tricky curls in the back and I ended up going shorter than planned.
Her response... "But Mom, I want my hair like Daddy's!"
I guess it wasn't too short after all!
I put a little bow in the front and she has been smiling since.

All of my girls have short hair now... well Molly's is at her shoulders, but that is short compared to what it used to be! Someday they will all look at pictures and ask me why?
My answer... it's SO much easier! Molly used to complain, whine, and repeat "Ow" whenever the hairbrush would leave the bathroom. Multiply that by a few more girls and getting ready to go anywhere was not very enjoyable. Now they can all brush their own hair and be ready to go. More important that that, they all wanted shorter hair. So if they ever look back at pictures and question my logics... it's right here in writting.

To My Girls,
You all asked for shorter hair, you pointed to where you wanted it cut at and I simply paid for it all (I'm a bit more guilty with Annie, I was holding the scissors) It's not my fault if you are reading this 10 years from now and laugh at pictures of yourselves...I didn't do it, you did- Although I do think it is really REALLY CUTE!
Love ya, Mom