Thursday, October 25, 2007

21 Miracles

So for many of you this might not be as meaningful, but trust me this picture is a miracle!! My Brother, my only brother, the youngest of the family- has turned 21!!! Now most people think of their 21st Bday and it means a dizzy trip to the bar and drinks all around. That's not exactly a miracle, maybe getting home afterwards could be considered a miracle, but not the kind of miracle I had in mind. You see my brother has overcome thousands of obstacles to get to this bday. He was born very very sick, was in and out of the hospital for years, had seizures, surgeries, oxygen tubes, feeding tubes among many other complications, way too many to make this short and sweet. In the end he ended up struggling through school, eventually being merged into a regular classroom only to work harder than the rest to keep up. He has been bowling since he was old enough and able enough and finally in high school he made the bowling team. Might not be that exciting to you and me, but it is his life. He also got a job at the local bowling alley where everyone there knows who he is. On vacation days from school, he works at a distribution center filling orders (my dad works there) just what you would expect from a typical high schooler right! The guy is a tightwad, works hard for his money and ended up buying his own car and getting his driving license at the age of 18. Last year at the age of 20 he graduated high school!! He has been working full time, has his own benefits, drives his own car, has his own dog and is an all around giving and loving person. All this from a baby who wasn't "supposed" to live, walk, talk or have a "normal" life! Talk about a success story!!

We have been blessed with 21 wonderful years... 21 Miracles!


Kellan said...

I loved this tribute to your special brother! I wish him a Very Happy 21st Birthday!

CresceNet said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Kristi!!
Sarah here...I didnt know it was Chads Birthday!! If you can relay a message to him, telling him I am sorry I missed it! I hope he had a fantastic day and good luck with everything!
PS Still loving your blogspot!

Annette in BC said...

Congratulations to your family and your brother.

Glad to hear he is doing so well and is so mature. Amazing how far perseverance can take you. Sad to hear all the healthy, spoiled teens around with their one hundred excuses for their chosen failures.

Perspective is everything.