Friday, October 26, 2007

Swinging Sleep

Why is it only babies get to be rocked to sleep? Is that my million dollar idea I have been waiting to invent? A swing for sleeping adults? So here it is... all week I have had a fussy non sleeping baby, therefore all week my family has had a fussy non sleeping wife and mom. Until 4 am this morning when out of pure desperation for some shut eye, I finally took the baby downstairs put her into the swing and prayed I wouldn't be getting up to take her out in the next 5 minutes. Turns out after 3 hours sleep on the couch she awoke to a much happier mother. Within 5 minutes of awaking I am on the phone to my mom requesting her much more compact swing be brought over to my house for use in my bedroom. Maybe there is still hope for sweet dreams around here.

Dels has acid reflux. She has been on meds for about 2 weeks now. I thought I would see a more calm relaxed baby, but she is still very restless and fidgety. She is not near as spitty, but she still gets crampy and is not sleeping well at all. I have propped her bed up, done the loose clothing, burping. All the things I have been told to do. If anyone else has any ideas I would love to hear them. Have you ever dealt with acid reflux before? Is there hope for more sleep sometime soon?


Kellan said...

When my twins were babies, we couldn't go anywhere without those swings - they loved them so much to sleep in. I even remember a remember once renting a u-haul trailor for a trip we took to FL - just to take those swings. See ya.

Anonymous said...

Sarah again...
Aww poor Delaney! Is this something she can "grow" out of? I have a friend who has acid reflux and he said it can get very painful at times...I dont want to scare you or anything...he said that he can handel it, its just annoying mostly. But hopefully the Dr. can be of more help with getting it under control! Prayers are being sent your way!!
Lots of love
Auntie Sarah