Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Help Save the HUGE Pumpkins!

So I have these great big HUGE pumpkins and yes in the excitement of Halloween coming we carved them. My husband had a fear of the phantom pumpkin squasher coming to our house, therefore these HUGE pumpkins have been sitting in my living room. I awoke this morning to find I no longer have cute kid carved pumpkins, but HUGE scary mold covered pumpkins! Did I mention they are in my living room?? Does anyone have any suggestions for my dilemma? We pondered the idea of spraying them out with a bathroom anti-mold cleaner, what do you think? Is there any hope of not squashing the kids happiness?? Help!!


Kellan said...

Oooh - in your living room? I think that anti-mold spray would work (couldn't hurt) or maybe lemon juice or vinager. Good luck - see ya.

Kyle said...

kristi- i say you might have to give up the pumpkins, or convince your girls to play "nurse" and say the pumpkins are sick...unless they smell.. then toss them and start over.
Anyway, HI this is Kyle F.. I graduated with your sister Kerri and just wanted to say HI and congrats on your marriage and gorgeous family.
Your blog says you moved back..back to GH???
Gorgeous family. Loved reading about the pumpkins ... you have a way with words. Ever thought about writing a book?

Anonymous said...

Hey Kristi!
Sarah your sister-in-law here, and my roommate Christie. We have enjoyed reading your blogspot!! Christie had an idea about the pumpkin...apparently rubbing petroleum jelly on the inside of the pumkin helps preserve the inside of the pumpkin.
Also, pumpkins just get moldy when they are in warmer areas and when they sit our after a while...hope this helped/works...and AWESOME blogspot!!