Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Oh Molly *giggle giggle, wink wink*

Setting the stage here... me loading the dish washer after dinner, Molly is supposed to be brushing her teeth for bedtime, but walks into the kitchen holding her toothbrush...

Molly: "Mom, I think I need a new toothbrush."

Me: "Oh yeah, why's that?"

Molly: "Mine's getting old, look it's all hard."

Me: "Just get it wet, it will soften up."

(She's jealous because her sister has a new one, her's is not that old)

Me: "Besides, maybe if you finally get that front tooth out- the tooth fairy will bring you a new one."

Molly: "Really? You really think she'll bring me a new toothbrush? Will she still leave money?"

Me: "I'm sure." *pause*

Me: "What makes you think the tooth fairy is a girl?"

Molly: "Because it's a fairy and fairies are girls. *pause* Well maybe it's mixed- maybe the boys have boy fairies and the girls have girl fairies, cuz that's how fairies like it."

*long pause*

Me: "Molly- go brush your teeth"...so I can pee my pants laughing. Ok, I am sorry- but this was funny and she didn't even know it. Hubby went to the store so he missed this- I am here chuckling, giggling, trying to control myself and I am the only one who heard this fairy conversation. Gotta love those words with the double meaning.


Molly brings home her Friday folder from school and is showing off all of her hard work from the week. She is learning sight words and they did a booklet for the word- WE.
On the cover is WE WE WE WE-

Molly: "This is our reading sight word book this week, I want to read it to you. "

Me: "Sure"

Molly: "WE WE WE WE"

Me: "Do you have to go to the bathroom?"

Molly: "Huh? No Mom- I went at school- I promise"

(she has a habit of holding it ALL day and has been called out on this a lot lately)

*pause* *longer pause*

Molly: "Mo-o-o-m!! Oh oh oh that's funny- I get it," *snickering to herself* "Ha- like Wee Wee."

Me: " What are you talking about Molly, it doesn't say wee wee, it just says We."

*winking and giggling* (what am I teaching her?!!)


girlymom said...

Thank you to everyone who commented on yesterday's post about playdates. I think the overall consensus was to trust the gut, check out the family, and stick with families that you know REALLY really well. Thank you!

Mary said...

Awww she's cute :)

OHmommy said...

We we we we... you are teaching them a GREAT sense of humor. You are one funny momma!

Maria said...

I'm glad that you shared it with us! I love the Wee Wee.

krissy said...

Funny. Your daughter is very pretty. I have a 10yr old Diva and hormones are running rampant.

I'm new to blogging and so I'm just fishing around for some bloggy friends. I feel alone in the Diva world as my daughter is very mouthy and I feel very alone at times. "is she the only mouthy pre-teen?" things like that.

Hope you come by sometime!

Kathryn said...

Oh you are too cute! What a fun mom! Your girls are so lucky. And beautiful!

Are You Serious! said...

Too funny!

Family Adventure said...

Too funny. Thanks for sharing. Love the pictures.


Courtney said...

Can your girls be any cuter? I love that story and I would have had to laugh too.

By the way that beautiful baby is my best friend's little girl. She is so cute I could just eat her up!

RachelT said...

HAHA!! What a comedian!! Kids make life so much fun! (and hard, but mostly fun!)

Lizzy in the Burbs said...

Hi, Girlymom!

Loved that story, Molly is such a cutie! I guess my boys had male fairies take their teeth and leave money then, who knew? :) And, the "we,we" book begs the question; where is the "do, do" book? (okay, that's bad!)

Just getting caught up on some of your posts, I see you've been busy as usual! Your weather sounds alot like ours right now, snowy and cold. It's starting to get a little old, isn't it? The birthday party looked fun, though! I'd love for your MIL to bake birthday cakes for me, too, it's beautiful! Also, as far as choosing friends and playdates and such, sometimes it's just a gut thing, you know? Definitely meet the parents and try to get a feel for how they are around their own children (patient? screaming?) sometimes that speaks volumes.

Well, take care and have a great day!


Karen said...

Bwahaha! She totally cracks me up.

Kellan said...

Came over here just in time to enjoy some potty humor - you are such a good mom!! These were so cute - these conversations - aren't they so fun to have around? Take care - Kellan

Beth is wfg said...

The conversations we have with our kids...*laugh* The double meanings they never catch...and the hilarity when they do start to learn! It's great. :) Thanks for sharing! (I followed you over from laskigal's blog!)

Kami said...

Funny Mommy!

Giggling over here... so something I would say and my 6 year old boy would so roll his eyes!

Mari said...

Thanks for visiting me. I've enjoyed your blog. Your kids are so cute! I love your red door. I painted mine red this summer too. It took two tries to get it the right color and I'm still not sure about it. You color is great.
I am wondering where you live in Michigan, since you talk about the beach. I am in Allendale - between Grand Rapids and Holland.

Joanna said...

That's funny! My youngest son will wait until last minute to go to the bathroom then it's a mad streak - and a mess to clean up. Sigh.

livin' with me said...

She is beautiful! I love this post- too funny. It's great that you are passing on your sense of humor.

Also- I looked around your blog a bit and I LOVE it. I'm sure to be back!

LaskiGal said...

Oh-this is so filed under "Kids say the darnedest things!"

BTW, I think you're teaching her to have fun, be funny . . . have a sense of humor and not take life too seriously. VALUABLE lessons, no doubt!

Mari said...

Thanks for the reply and I understand. You have to be careful. Yes - it's snowing again here too!

MamaGeek said...

First of all, she is SO CUTE too. And know what? She has a very good point! So young, so smart!

jennwa said...

Molly sounds like a hoot. What a fun and cute kid.
WeeWee that is something I would do too. Funny.
My daughter is loosing her teeth right now and we are having the tooth fairy conversations too. She thinks the tooth fairy is definitely a girl. But my husband I still snicker about it like we are 12.

Happy Days said...

Funny stuff! The favorite book to read over and over again at our house lately is, "Walter the Farting Dog" . Go figure!

kimmy said...

Kids can be so funny. I love their sense of humor!


Stacie said...

hahaha. that is great!

Zoe said...

she is so cute! and very funny too!

Angela said...

She got your joke now that is good
She needs to learn silly humor

Becky said...

How cute!

Marmarbug said...

Stumbled on your blog and you had me LOL at this post. Beautiful girls!
Look forward to reading more!