Saturday, September 29, 2007

soccer day

Do you think we relive our childhoods through our children?

Today is soccer day. Molly has an 8:30 game today, yes that is AM! I remember back to when my mom complained about these early cold wet games, but did I think back to that when I signed Molly up for the season...Of course not. To make the morning earlier it is also picture day, they have to be there a half hour earlier. Not exactly the sleeping in we had been hoping for at the end of a long week. My Hubby being the supportive wonderful husband that he is, got up early and got Molly ready to go. Fearing what her hair might look like in the pictures, I slowly dragged myself out of bed to do a pony tail. "Mom... I need the sparkly thing in my hair too!" Just exactly where is the sparkly thing? Who knows! Somehow we found it, tied her hair up, found the right soccer shoes, guzzled some orange juice and headed out for a cold wet game. (Hope she doesn't get a side ache running around after drinking the orange juice so fast.)

As she is running out the door it hits me... she looks just like me! I used to be the one running out the door to soccer. I remember the days of playing soccer bunch ball. I remember trying to figure out a cartwheel during practice, meeting new girls and giggling at anything silly while getting "the look" from the coach. I was supposed to be learning wonderful things like teamwork, technique, passing, dribbling, coordination... I played soccer for many years, but these early years are some of the best memories of the fun soccer days. So is this why I signed her up for the season? Was it so that I could relive these memories? I can tell myself it is for all the skills that will help her grow into a well rounded person. Who am I kidding? I signed her up because I thought it would be fun!

So next week when I drag myself out of bed for a ponytail, I will just have to remind myself what it feels like to perfect that cartwheel and giggle with all the other kids!

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