Friday, May 16, 2008

2 Kindergarteners Around Here and Some Puppy Thoughts Outloud

How did Lolo go from this...

To This?

She is growing up way too fast. As of Wednesday I now have 2 Kindergarteners in this house. Lolo graduated from preschool *sigh* She is now a Kindergartener...and thrilled. (Molly is still in school, so technically still a Kindergartener)
"Mom, stop telling me that it is my last day of preschool, it makes me sad."
Makes her sad, What about me? Someday she will realize how she is breaking my heart. She is growing up way too fast and I am not ready. I am not ready to put her on the bus in the fall, she's just too little! Looks like I have all summer to get used to the idea, but till then I can pout and not like it.


What is my decision about the puppy?
Look what we brought home...

Don't get any crazy ideas...This is Bo, he's my brother's dog and we are borrowing him...for a night. He goes home today, but I have to say I just might miss him. Ok, Ok, he came home with us late last night, it's not like we really bonded. Although when he was sleeping at my feet last night (while I was watching LOST- c'mon...any LOST fans?) Bo settled into a deep sleep and then it happened...he relaxed a bit too much, he made himself right at home and I discovered my "million dollar invention idea"~Doggie GasX! Holy Moly can he clear the yeah maybe we did bond, I was feeling a bit too close to him at that moment. (I can hear my brother laughing loudly right now...seriously it's not funny, his stench hurts!) Hubby has been out of town for the past few days and I have to say it felt good to have Bo here last night. Sure he was a bit unsettled being in a new place. He heard every noise, he followed the kids around looking for them. It was nice. I have to say that I think I just might miss his stinky self when he goes back home today. *sigh* See...I'm still undecided.

Here's the rest of the story. Before Hubby and I had children we knew we wanted a dog. We had it all picked out, a golden retriever named Bailey- Yes Hubby is Irish and we love the Bailey's Irish Cream. We never got our Bailey because we moved alot. Hubby was deployed alot and I was pregnant ALOT. We didn't think it made sense to get a dog in Hawaii when I had little babies to care for alone. We didn't want to travel/fly with a dog, so we waited. We moved to Chicago. This was the closest Naval location to home in Michigan. After being across an ocean we wanted to get back home as much as possible. We did alot of roadtrips back and forth between Chicago and home. I still wanted the dog, but with all the travel and Hubby still working such long hours...we got a cat. We were able to leave the cat or take the cat along. He was small, portable and we love him. So this brings us to today. We left the Navy life. We are settled into a house back home. Hubby still works long hours, but I don't ever see that changing, it's just a part of who he is and what he has to do. So, why am I trying to talk myself out of my Bailey? I can reason with the logical...we want to redo the foundation on our house...someday. Yeah it isn't going to be anytime soon, let's get realistic about that idea. It isn't like you can just wake up one day and say this is it, I have endless amounts of cash, I am going to lift my house and redo the foundation. Ha! That would be nice!

(anyone with extra cash that has this urge to lift a house, feel free to contact me...we can work something out)

I could be waiting a very Very long time before the foundation happens, do I really want to wait that long for Bailey? So while I ponder this puppy idea, while I see Annie run back and forth through the living room giggling at Bo, I will wish you all a very Happy Aloha Friday and hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

John's parents have a golden retriever names Bailey - and they ADORE him!! He's a great dog.

Get one - there is NEVER a great time to get a dog. Just jump in with two feet (and a plugged nose) and embrace all the fun that comes with one!

Hallie :)

Kellan said...

Oh, your brother's dog is beautiful - he looks zactly like our dog Buddy. We love our Buddy and so do the kids, but dogs are A LOT of work - A LOT!

Nice to see you today! Have a good Friday and have a good weekend too! SEe you soon -Kellan

Cecily R said...

I can't believe that kindergarten is almost over!! AS of next Friday Gracie will no longer be a Kindergartener. Sniff.

Lolo is adorable in all those pictures. She's growing up. And that's not allowed. Tell her for me!!

kimmy said...

If my husband wasn't allergic to dogs I would get one in a heartbeat!

Can't wait to hear your decision!


Mari said...

I have a feeling there will soon be a dog at your house! Cute pictures of Lolo - she really does look older and she is brimming with confidence.
I'm a Lost fan - can't wait for the finale!

Dara said...

Dogs are like kids, you can always come up with an excuse NOT to have one....but you always have one anyway, and you NEVER look back and regret getting pregnant and adding to the family. You will NEVER regret adding to the family by way of Bailey. And FYI...although not a golden, we do have a Catahoula named Bailey that we adopted a little over a month ago....GREAT dog. Amazing with my daughter!
As Nike would say....DO IT!

painted maypole said...

oh, they grow up so fast!

KATE said...

Yes, I'm a LOST fan! Unfortunately I spend most of the time being Lost! hee hee

Love the pictures & I hate the growing up too fast thing! It's too much for me!!

crazy working mom said...

They do grow up so fast don't they. She's adorable and so is the puppy.