Monday, March 31, 2008

April Fools Jokes

I ran across this and just had to share a few fun ideas. This week is a crazy hectic busy week, so please pardon my absence. I will try my best to post and to keep up and comment, but between a sick child and hectic schedule...well, I'll do my best.
Big Foot
Submitted by Deanna C.

We crumpled up newspaper and stuffed it into the toes of Dad's shoes. He couldn't figure out why they were suddenly too small!

Rising Pancakes

Submitted by Gina L.
My two daughters, who love pancakes, took quick-acting dry yeast and added it to the box of pancake mix. Then, on April Fools' day, they begged for pancakes for breakfast. When I made them, we had the biggest pancakes I had ever seen! I couldn't figure out what was going on until they busted up laughing!

Autocorrect Madness

Submitted by Deanna M.
In Microsoft Word, use the Autocorrect feature to "correct" a commonly used word such as "the" by automatically inserting "April Fools'!" It will drive them mad!

Chip in the Teapot

Submitted by Lorelei A.
I took the largest potato chip I could find and carefully placed it inside my mom's favorite china teapot. If your mom is like mine, she will be very upset with you -- until you show her the potato chip. Be sure to say "April Fools'!" with a very big smile and a hug, as she has just been traumatized.
Instant Carrots

Submitted by Karen M.
The kids and I planted a vegetable garden. They were most excited about growing carrots.
That night, I ran to the grocery store, bought carrots with the tops on them, and planted them when I got home. When the kids got up the next morning and went outside to look at their garden, they were thrilled that their carrots had grown so fast!

Falling Balls

Submitted by Kathy O.
My son and I gathered all the balls in the house and filled the kitchen cupboards with them. When my husband opened one of the doors, he received a shower, while my son and I got a good laugh (and a lot of balls to pick up)!
Endless Lint

Submitted by Sterling B.

I placed a spool of white thread in an inside suit coat pocket and threaded it through my coat lapel to make it look like lint. Friends who saw it pulled on it. It kept coming out until they realized it was an April Fools' joke.
Puppy Switcheroo
Submitted by Sue I.

We had an adult yellow lab. After the kids went to bed, we borrowed the neighbors' yellow lab puppy and gave them our dog for the day. When the kids woke up, they couldn't figure out why their dog had shrunk. Our neighbors' kids were also surprised at how much their puppy had grown overnight.
Arctic Cereal

Submitted by Melissa O.
The night before April Fools' day, pour milk over half a bowl of cereal and put it in the freezer.
In the morning, add a covering of more cereal and milk. Call your child to breakfast and watch him try to eat it.

Rapping Mom

Submitted by Donna H.
I hate rap music, but my two teenage sons love it, so I decided to pull a little prank on them. When riding in mom's car, we listen to mom's music, which means no rap.Riding home from having dinner out, I popped in a tape of a famous rap artist and started rapping along. Their mouths dropped open, and at the same time they said, "Mom, are you okay?"

Found these fun ideas Here.


Steph said...

I am glad my kids can't read yet because surely they would try some of these on me!

Happy Days said...

Thanks for sharing. Those are cute. I hope you get through this busy week O.K.. I hope which ever girly girl is sick gets well very soon. You take care too!

LikeAstaR said...

THose are HILLARIOUS! Maybe I will try a few...

Maria said...

Those are so funny, especially the rap one! My Kids would crawl under the seats if I did that!

Kathryn said...

Those are cute. I like the falling balls.
I always put a rubber band on the sprayer on our kitchen sink. My hubby falls for it and gets soaked every time. I love it!

Are You Serious! said...

♥ Those are really funny!

Becky said...

Oh, man...those are so funny!

And those spawned a couple of really great post ideas. Thanks, girlymom!

Hope your little one is feeling better soon!

kim-d said...

Who is sick? Hope she gets well real quick, thus, lessening the chances of spreading to the remaining Girlygirls. And so Girlymom doesn't have to go nuts!

Thanks for the laughs...cute!

Courtney said...

I may have to get with the girls and try some of these on Mike. He'll appreciate it.

Stacie said...

teehee....april fools IS tomorrow isn't it??? hmmm, what shall we do????

Cecily R said...

We have 4 birthdays on April Fool's day in my family. For the older ones, some of those would be fun!

kimmy said...

Those are great ideas...thanks for sharing!!!!


JO-N said...

We used to play some tricks when we were younger but now, being a mother of three, I think I lack energy.

Lizzy in the Burbs said...

Hi, Girlymom!

Just catching up on your posts, can't get over your bathtub story with baby Dels, how'd she get so big so fast?!? Love her little face and the expressions she makes! Teddy Bear night looked like fun, Lolo is just beaming and it looks like her older sisters were good sports about tagging along, so cute!

Hey, you know what? I completely forgot about April Fool's Day! I hadn't planned on foolin' anyone, I'm not very good at those things, I usually give myself away by laughing too soon, but I'll be on guard today so no one pulls the wool over MY eyes! Have a good week, I understand the busy part completely! Hope whichever of the girls is sick, she get's better soon! Take care~


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Very cute....are you feeling any better?

Hallie :)

Chelle' said...

Those were funny. But I imagine had we tried the balls in the kitchen cabinets it would have led to less laughing and more swearing on my husband's part. :)

(He doesn't really sware... but boy o boy he sure wouldn't have been laughing)

Angela said...

Good ideas

Steph said...

Man! I wish I would have read these before April 2!