Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wednesday Mornings

1. Open eyes
2. Guzzle coffee
3. Change diapers
4. Feed baby
5. Change diaper- why must she fill her pants on my lap?
6. Get Annie dressed and out of yesterdays clothes- why doesn't she have her pj's on?
7. Make breakfast- we're out of milk already! Hmmm- Toast
8. Dels morning nap- Blog time!!
9. Shower Lolo
10. Switch Load of Laundry
11. Vacuum all the feathers on the floor from the dress up time feather boa's that the girls just love...thanks to whoever purchased these- the cat loves them too!
12. Vacuum up the crumbs ALL OVER from the toast
13. Molly and Lolo- job charts- make sure Molly brushes her teeth this time, she doesn't always tell the truth about this...till it's time to go to the dentist.
14. Change diaper
15. Annie, potty time
16. Unload dishwasher
17. Load dishwasher
18. Feed baby
19. Make lunch
20. Switch laundry
21. Hmmm maybe I should get dressed
22. Annie, potty time
23. Molly, get your boots on here comes the bus!
24. Lolo, backpack, coat, boots, hat, mittens- let's go!
25. Annie, coat, hat, boots, mittens, pull up?? Nah, we'll take our chances.
26. Dels, fed- check, diaper- check, car seat, pacifier, toys, hat, mittens- oh man she spit up.
27. Molly out the door, bye, love ya, have a good waving to myself, she never looks. Oh wait the bus driver waved at me! Yippee- at least someone appreciates the effort.
28. Me- boots, coat, gloves, diaper bag, phone, keys- check.
29. Start the truck, blast defrost, freeze my tush cleaning off truck, grow longer arms to reach the whole windshield of truck...good enough. (I'm one of those annoying people that blows snow at the unlucky person driving behind me- sorry!)
30. Load up all kids, Lolo first, Annie next, Dels last. Run around to other side, get in, turn all the way around and buckle Annie in seat. Roll call...Lolo are you in here? Annie are you in here? Dels are you in here? "Moooom, she can't talk." Duh.
31. Slap truck in 4x4, off to preschool.
32. Unload all kids, to walk the 100 feet inside the school to drop off Lolo in her room. Note to self: ask teacher if it is possible to start a drop off the door.
33. Reload last 2 kids, Annie first then Dels, run around truck get in, twist around.....
34. Arrive back at home, unload kids.
35. Annie, potty time, Woohooo we made it!
36. Naptime, good night Annie, take a nice nap.
37. Run back downstairs, change diaper
38. Feed baby- ni- night little one- to the swing you go.
39. Lunch, yeah I'm hungry, wait I didn't eat breakfast.
40. ME TIME- hmmmm, maybe a shower- yeah that would be nice, work out- nah, yeah a shower.

Can I just skip to #40?? And you all ask how I do it with 4 little ones at home, here you morning today. Yippee! I wouldn't change it for the world, well maybe a few things, but it's all worth it! All of you mom's with older kids...remember when? :)


Family Adventure said...

You know what I love most about your blog? That you are so upbeat about your day - even when listing this totally exhuasting list, you sound so happy about it :)

My hat's off (or would have been, if I had one :))!


Don Mills Diva said...

Anyone who says moms aren't working should take a look at that list - pretty impressive!

Poltzie said...

Wow when you got to 19 I thought it was the end of the day already! Where do you get all your energy?

Steph said...

Wow! I think you are way busier than me! I'm lucky the bus even comes to pick up my pre-schooler, so I don't have any driving to do.
Props to you momma!
Now go rest!

OHmommy said...

OMG... sounds like my day. Except for you are way more upbeat about the work.

Were you a cheerleader in highschool? Heehee!!!

Lizzy in the Burbs said...

Oh, man! I had to catch my breath there just from READING what you do in a morning! :) Honestly, I never had it that hectic, but I only had two and they are 3 and a half years apart, no comparison! My hat's off to ya!

Lizzy (hey, and eat something for goodness sake!) :)

Happy Days said...

Busy!!!! What is life going to be like when they are all in school? I get lonely just thinking about it!.....Even though, each day, month, year, brings new and exciting things.

Jessica said...

And I'm willing to bet you actually did more than those 40 things before lunch!

What a lovely family you have! I love little girls (having 2 myself!)

Stacie said...


Amy said...

Isn't that what you were doing all morning?
When my girls were both under the age of 2, I wasn't able to go to the gym, and I was in the best shape!

Angela said...

Us moms never get a break

Tiffany said...

Oh, you made my day. I knew there were more of us out there.