Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Happy New Year to Everyone!!
We partied at my parents house and had a wonderful time. Molly was barely awake when the ball dropped, and Annie was WIDE awake...she ate the whole bowl of candy mints! It was a fun night with family and friends, there were a few pregnancy announcements...Ha- yeah and it wasn't ME this time! A family friend is to become a grandma for the first time. Another family friend is due to have her second child in July- their first son wore a shirt that read (on the front...) Santa's getting me something for Christmas (on the back...) A new baby girl or boy in July. This was a cute announcement and reminded me of how we told everyone about Lolo. Actually this would be a fun thing to post sometime, we tend to try and be creative with our announcements. So anyways...our resolutions for the year, the typical lose weight (yuck) eat healthier (double yuck) and paint (yeah!) We started our painting resolution yesterday and got the first coat of paint on in the living room. We have been trying to get this room done for a year now, it will be nice to finally be finished. With an old house it's never as easy as slapping some paint on the wall. First we had to replace the light, which took some finagling. We also put up a ceiling medallion around the light, painted the ceiling, which of course had some cracks that needed patching and sanding. The previous owners painted right over the wallpaper...so we did too! If we pull it down some of the plaster will come with it. So I actually have to admit to taking out the hot glue gun and gluing some loose corners back down! Guilty! We decided on the Pottery Barn yellow. It is a nice warm color, so if you are looking for a yellow this is a great one! Benjamin Moore has all the Pottery Barn colors, it's nice because it's a good paint and great colors. So this morning- after our LATE NIGHT (2 am with kids) we are up and painting.
Wish us luck! Where's my coffee? :)


kimmy said...

Glad to see Annie is feeling better. Good luck with the painting. We did a lot of that when we first moved into our house. Kudos to you for doing it on New Years Day! Have a good one!


Ness said...

Happy New Year! Looks like a great party! I hope your painting goes fast as painting is not one of my forte's! Your children are beautiful.


Becky said...

Glad your New Year's Eve celebration was so nice. Looks like you all had a blast. That's such a great idea to announce a pregnancy on the shirt, too...very cute (and a fun conversation piece for the grandparent-to-be).

You ought to blog about your home decor before and afters...it sounds wonderful, and I for one LOVE seeing this sort of thing!

Steph said...

I wish you luck on all of your resolutions! (even though you don't look like you need to loose weight at all!)
I'm glad your Christmas season went well!
Happy New Year!

Don Mills Diva said...

What a lovely picture - so much happiness. Have a great 2008!

Anonymous said...

WISH I COULD HAVE BEEN THERE!!! I'm liking the new color so far, looks warm and inviting!! Can't believe our lil brother is holding up a glass in the New Year's picture...man, time does fly...we MIGHT be coming up to MI sometime in January...we were invited to a wedding reception (the wedding was in costa rica and that definately wasn't in the budget) so we might be visiting soon!!! I'll let ya know as soon as we figure out if we can afford the drive (what with moving and all...gas is EXPENSIVE!!!) anyway, that's all the updates for now... love visiting the blog!

Stacie said...

looks like you guys had a great time! I bet the house is going to look great with the new coat of paint going on!