Friday, January 18, 2008

Cupcake Dessert

Somehow Molly managed to shove the whole cupcake into her mouth, look at that last picture and how proud she is. We had dinner at Nana and Papa's house last night. Molly has dance just up the road, so we tend to hang out at their house on Thursdays. Have I ever mentioned that I love living back home and being able to do this? For years I have dreamed of what it would be like to live this close to family. My brother clocked it, we are less than 7 miles (10 min) away from each other.
So we have dinner and then Nana promises Annie her surprise, she runs back to the kitchen and waits patiently...then not so patiently...ok, she's had enough- she wants her cupcake.
"Annie, can you say please?"
"Peas Mom"
"Annie, you have to say Please mom, may I have a cupcake."
"Peas Mom, dupdate"
"Annie, say...CUP-C-A-K-E!"
"Peas...Nana, dupdate"

Well, you can see Nana gave in and gave her the dupdate.
They were the mini ones and she finished hers pretty quick.

"Peas Nana-mo"
"Annie, you want more?"
"You may have another one when you get home."
(Nana was getting the...don't you dare look from me.)

So we are sitting at the dining room table and a few minutes later Annie shows up...
"Ready mom, let's go!"
She is fully dressed in all her winter clothes, boots, hat, mittens, coat.
She really REALLY wants that dupdate.
"I go home now, Annie want ta go home now...I tired...I go home now. Bye."
Needless to say, it was time to hit the road, Papa had bowling night and it was a school night after all. So we rounded up the rest of the crowd and hit the road. It was very icy last night, so it was slow going for those 7 miles. Have I mentioned that I love that it is only 7 miles? Not even.

****Lizzy**** These pics are for you. Not sure if it will give you any decorating ideas or not. They just got new countertops in the kitchen, so I HAD to add a pic of that too.
Have a great weekend everyone!


Happy Days said...

it is so great being so close. We are 1 mile from my parents and 1.5 miles from one sister and about 10 to my other sister. It is so nice to have a place to crash with everyone.

Amy said...

can i just say, your girls are beautiful! you have some good genes there! living near family is just great (well most of the time ha ha ha!!!)

Amy said...

can i just say, your girls are beautiful. you have some good genes there. living near family is wonderful (well most of the time ha ha ha!!!)

kimmy said...

Good for her with the cupcake. I am going to try that this weekend at Hallie's house (except with a sausage sub)!!!!


Lizzy in the Burbs said...

Hi, Girlymom!

Thanks so much for thinking of me! I love your parent's home! The living room is very warm and cozy looking, and I really like the geometric/modern art pic above the fireplace. That kitchen is absolutely gorgeous, I would die for an island like that! Are the counters granite? They look so nice and shiny. My girlfriend just replaced hers and she has Silestone (sp?) counters and they are shiny looking, too. My kitchen is nearly fifty years old if that gives you a clue what my kitchen looks like! (let's just say I won't be posting any pictures of it anytime soon!)

That's great that you are close enough to "pop" in on your family whenever you get the urge, just for little moments like eating a cupcake together! Cute pictures, too! We have the same cold and icy weather that you have, brrrrrr. I don't mind it when it's in the 30's, single digits with windchills below zero, not so much!

Have a great weekend and stay warm!


Courtney said...

Your daughters are so cute and I think it is hysterically cute when kids talk in third person.

I love the countertops!

Don Mills Diva said...

Oh - that third cupcake picture made me laugh out loud! So cute!

Cecily R said...

I love the Annie commentary! She is so cute and you capture toddler talk beautifully (no small feat!).

I can't believe how much your older girls look like you. Have I said that before? How lucky for them!

OHmommy said...

Oh. How I miss my family.

Lucky you.

This has the been the ONLY argument the husband and I have had in our marriage. In the end... his work wins.

Lucky you! Have a good weekend.

Amy said...

Oh, that was so funny. My 2 year old would of done the same thing. She is known for her ability to get ready to go in a hurry, thinking that as long as she is ready, we can go.
Your girls are cute. Thanks for visiting mine. I will be back to yours!

onthegomom said...

Those cupcake photos were absolutely adorable! Your girls are beautiful!!!!!

dupdate... LOL... Very cute!

Kathryn said...

Look at all the big, beautiful eyes on those gorgeous girls! Wow!

Karen said...

Dupdates are the best! What beautiful girls you have.

And I LOVE the art above the fireplace. Way cool.

kim-d said...

You have such beautiful little girls! And I just love "otay"--I think that is just the cutest thing ever, but now followed closely by "dupdate." What a fun post...and I'm glad you live so close to your family. I love that my kids live so close to me; I wouldn't trade it for the world!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I TOTALLY, COMPLETELY, 100% love the word DUPDATE!! I hereby refuse to ever use the real word again!!


linds said...

Your Dupdate looks awesome!

I think I may make some cupcakes today. Yay!

Kellan said...

Great pictures! Your home is beautiful - as are you kids! I want a dupdate NOW! Have a good weekend. Kellan

Family Adventure said...

dupdate...I love it !

Happy weekend,


Are You Serious! said...

I love that kitchen!!!

R Family of 4 said...

Thats what Nanas are for. My mom always has something special for the kids but unfortunately those little treats always end up coming home with us and are there to tempt me ;-)

Julie B said...

your girls are so beautiful! My oldest would be in heaven just because the cupcake was pink :)

It is really great that you live so close to your family. I have 4 sisters and one brother and they-and my parents all live out of state. I really miss being able to just drop by. My husband's parents live an hour away, so still, it's a hike.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and sorry you had such a tough week! I completely agree-obviously- to your approach..only you know your girls best.
Have a great weekend!

Angela said...

When she wants something she wants it. Now all you have to do is keep a cupcake with you everytime you want to get going.
I love the way kids talk.
Thanks for visiting my blog.

Angela said...

When she wants something she wants it. Now all you have to do is keep a cupcake with you everytime you want to get going.
I love the way kids talk.
Thanks for visiting my blog.

Maria said...

I love living near family, too. We live about 1 mile from my parents and 1/2 mile from my mother-in-law. That means lots of babysitters!

Mary said...

Your girls are so cute!
Love the cupcake pictures.
And that kitchen is very nice looking :)
Have a good weekend!

Valarie said...

SO cute. I love the look on Molly's face in the last pic. She does look very proud of herself. I moved more than 1000 miles to be closer to my parents, and then 6 months after we moved, they moved away! It was nice to have them around for the 6 months we did, though.

Stacie said...

those cupcakes look YUM!