Saturday, December 8, 2007

No Grinch Here!

So it turns out "Bounce World" is next weekend. Of course it can't be this weekend, we don't have anything else on the calendar for today. Next weekend, Molly's dance class has been selected to perform at a Christmas Program, followed by a performance at a retirement home. They have been practicing and have cute Xmas outfits. Hubby offered to take Lolo and Annie to Bounce World, think that will go over well with Molly? NO- now she isn't going to want to perform, not if she can go bounce all over the world instead. What to do, what to do? Hmmmm. Another option, Lolo comes to the dance performance to watch and support Molly- Annie (who can't brag about how cool Bounce World is) goes with Hubby. I am teeter tottering on this, good thing is I have a week to figure it out now...since it isn't THIS weekend, with nothing else scheduled! AUGH!

My sister in law called last night, she has some crafty xmas things for the kids to do, so I think we will go over there this morning and give them some cousin time and keep them busy. Then during nap time the older kids have a bit of sledding on their minds. They have been begging since they saw the 4 inches that fell. Hubby will most likely take them since I am a cold weather wimp. *sitting here in 3 layers, with a warm coffee and still cold* At least they will get to run around and wear themselves out- who knows while they are gone, maybe I will get a chance to do some Xmas cards...still going and going and going!

I am not sure if I mentioned it before and I am too tired to go look through previous posts...lazy maybe? We started a tradition about 3-4 years ago- Friday Night Movie Night. It's great! We pick out a movie, pop some popcorn and everyone cuddles up in the living room for some movie time. I try and find something to watch that isn't always cartoony, but it is kid friendly. Last night was a huge eye opener for me, it was the night that I realized my kids get it. They understand why we do movie night, why I wanted to start this tradition:

Molly: "Yeah it's time for movie night, I love movie night, we get to eat popcorn and snuggle together."

Me: "Is that why you like Movie Night? For the popcorn?"

Molly: "NO, Mom (we've all heard this before, c'mon mom- duh, don't you know) I like Movie Night because it is a time with my family, we are together and get to snuggle."

Me: "Well, why is that so special?"

Molly: "Mom, it's because we are together, sometimes we can't be together, but for Movie Night we can be together. Daddy doesn't have to be at work, and I am not at school and Lolo doesn't have to go to school, so we are all here."

Me: "Well, what about Mommy?"

Molly: "You're always here Mom! "

Ok- so do I take away from this the fact that I always want my kids to have a love of being together as a family, to come home as teens or maybe even skip out on the latest party to join our Movie Night? *me- dreaming* Or is it not that deep and I have just been told that I don't go anywhere? Hmmm. Regardless we had a great movie night. Hubby snuggled with the baby- till she was hungry anyways. Molly snuggled up with me, Lolo kinda went between everyone, she's a bit of a wiggle worm. Annie being 2 went to bed, she asked to go to bed, "I'm tired Mom!" Not kidding, this child likes her sleep. By the end of the movie, Hubby and Lolo were asleep on the floor and Molly (my tv bug) and I were awake and laughing at them. Wish I had my camera, but again I was too lazy to get up and grab it. It was a fun night! This is what we watched...


utmomof5 said...

I love movie night! We watched Home Alone the other night!! That movie still makes me laugh. Glad you had a good time.


Valarie said...

We do movie night too. Tonight is The Polar Express. :)

Leanne said...

We keep saying we're going to do movie night, and even rent and buy the movies and then, it NEVER happens.

Sigh, this may have to be MY New Year's resolution.

Thanks for making it sound so nice!

Lizzy in the Burbs said...

Hi, Girlymom!

Sounds like a really nice and relaxing family night, that's great that you make the time to just "be". It's too bad about the weekend plans getting mixed up, isn't it always like that? Feast or famine! Personally, I'd pick the dance recital, it sounds adorable! :) BTW, loved the Hawaii song, my son Brian has been singing it all day!

Steph said...

We have movie night too, just not every friday. I wish.
Good for you.
I love the snow, but prefer to stay inside too. :)

Kellan said...

I loved your conversation and it's very nice that you all have movie nights together!! I can't blame her for loving that. And, sledding - that sounds like a blast - my Little Billy would love if he could be doing that every winter time. Hope you are having a good weekend - ours has been crazy busy today and tomorrow is going to be the same (basketball and football and church ...) - take care and see you soon. Kellan

Lucille said...

Great post!

Movie night is movie Sunday here at our place! SO nice on the snowy days to just sip coffee or hot chocolate and veg out!

Oh and I do admit - I DO IT FOR partly for the popcorn! LOL!

KATE said...

Yay, We LOVE movie night! We just watched the Jim Carrey Grinch too! How funny. My husband was home for a day, so we kept the kids home from school (I know I'm going to hell, but whatever) & watched movies in the basement! I am also ALWAYS here, so don't worry about that! ha ha
I'm so glad you guys like to snuggle too! What a cute family! I'm also hoping one day they will choose to hang out with the fam instead of the big party! (I think it's good to have a dream. ha ha)

onthegomom said...

We do Movie Night here too... although I have 2 teenagers and we don't do it every week we try to do it at least a couple times a month. I love The Grinch...Cindy Lou Who - Love Her!!! :)

Family Adventure said...

That sounds like the perfect night. It's making me think we need a movie night here. Stat.

I hope you survive next weekend's double scheduling. Christmas time is always so busy...


Dayna said...

We do movie night too! Only we have pizza... which after 3 years, is getting a little old frankly. Who knew you could get sick of pizza. I might have to make it chinese food soon.

WorksForMom said...

What a PERFECT night. We do movie night once every weekend - oh so much fun. Simple, but fun.

Staciesmadness said...

how sweet...I love your tradition.