Friday, December 14, 2007

Merry Xmas to the City

It's Friday right? It HAS to be a good day. I have to turn around this morning, it cannot be a bad luck day today. We had our furnace inspected last night, that went well. We found out the furnace is working fine, humidifier could use a new filter, but overall, no bad news. I have been looking into a new water heater and the guy who came last night is getting a bunch of quotes for me. This is kinda nice because everyone I have talked to has been a hassle. Hubby was stuck in traffic and I was at dance, so my dad came over and got the inspection started...thanks dad! Turns out they played softball together. My dad told me he is a good guy, which is kinda nice, because in the future we are going to need new equipment and it is nice to know an honest guy to help us with it all. Ok, so I am rambling...back on topic... good day today... ok, so this furnace guy parked in our driveway last night. We have a single lane driveway that runs next to our neighbors driveway with a crack of grass between the two. So when I pulled up, I went into the neighbors driveway and up and around the furnace guys van, so now I am parked in front of him. Hubby comes home and parks in the road. After everyone left last night, we were hungry, kids were loud and we never once thought about the cars again. Well...on Dec. 1st the parking rules in the City went into effect- no parking on the street between 2am-6am. YUP- we woke up to a $25 ticket on the car. Ok, I am sorry, I am all about law enforcement, we have law enforcement in the family- but C'mon, we forgot once, no warning- nothing. Bam straight to a ticket...a $25 ticket. My stinkin neighbor and his trashy truck parked in front of my house all stinkin summer- till we finally made a complaint and he finally moved it. There is also a law that you can't park on the street for more than 4 days without moving your vehicle. WHY can HE park there for weeks at a time and not get a ticket...he got 3 warnings- NO TICKET. WHY WHY WHY???

Ok, with that off my chest I feel better. Today will be a GREAT day. After all I am sitting here blogging my new bloggy friends, my kitty sitting on my feet keeping them warm, baby sleeping in the swing, Annie and Molly watching the Wiggles, and Lolo...the early bird is still sleeping. Today is catch up day, finish the laundry I started on Monday, lick the Xmas card envelopes and get them out of here, vacuum up the floors... you know what this list is like. It will feel really great to get these things done *pat on the back* So it sounds like everyone is excited about the recipe exchange. This is really cool because I wasn't sure if I would be the only one posting them. Thanks in advance. I think if everyone shares a few favorites we will all find a few new things that might be fun to try out. I get bored with the same things over and over, new things make cooking fun again. Do your homework, find some good recipes!

On another note, I learned something new last night with the furnace guy here and immediately thought of my bloggy friends. Did you know that a carbon monoxide detector, the kind you plug into the wall, are only good for about 2-3 years. After that the whatevers on the inside wear out, but most people think they are still working because they are lit up...powered by being plugged in. So check your detectors, read the fine print, put a new one in your stocking. Furnace guy recommended one called Nighthawk.

Additional Carbon Monoxide Concerns and Information
Don't automatically assume that you need or don't need a carbon monoxide detector. Also, don't assume that you are safe from carbon monoxide poisoning just because you have a detector installed. Carbon monoxide detectors are intended to protect healthy adults, so take the ages and health of family members into account when assessing the effectiveness of a detector. Also, be aware that the average life span of many carbon monoxide detectors is about 2 years. The 'test' feature on many detectors checks the functioning of the alarm and not the status of the detector. There are detectors that last longer, indicate when they need to be replaced, and have power supply backups -- you need to check to see whether a particular model has the features you require. When deciding whether or not to purchase a carbon monoxide detector, you need to consider not only the number and type of carbon monoxide sources, but also the construction of the building. Newer building may have more airtight construction and may be better insulated, which make it easier for carbon monoxide to accumulate.


kimmy said...

Thanks for the info on the Carbon Monoxide detector...I had no idea they lasted for just a few years.

BTW...your kids are adorable!


Kellan said...

Oh, I have one of those plug in kinds and it is over 3 years old, I am sure - thanks for that info.! Hope you have a good day and sorry about the stupid ticket. See you later. Kellan

Anonymous said...

If you can swing it financially, I highly recommend a tankless hot water heater. We had our installed in October, and I will never go back to a tank again! Being mom, unlimited hot water doesn't mean longer showers, but it does mean everyone gets a warm one, and I can do a load of laundry and run the dishwasher at the same time!

Thanks for the tip on the carbon monoxide detector - my dad loves giving things like that for Christmas.

utmomof5 said...

That sucks about the ticket. Ihad the same thing happen but with my dog. She snuck out once and got picked up by the pound (It cost $30to get her back)but my neighbors big huge Lab is always out terrorizing little kids and has never spend a minute at the pound. Life really can suck that way sometimes. Oh well =)

Thanks for the info on the carbon monoixde detector. I had never heard that before.


Spammon said...

Last year I was at my in-laws to watch the BYU-Utah game. I parked facing the wrong way, but on right side of the street. After the game (3 hours) I came out to a $20 ticket for parking in the wrong direction. This is a secluded quite neighborhood that nobody drives through...except cops who are pissed off they have to work during the biggest game of the year.

Family Adventure said...

The ticket...same thing happened to us *argh*. Someone told me they are more vigilant about parking in the winter, because they need to clear snow, etc. I don't know...I just know it made me *mad*.

I love your cartoons. And I needed a smile today. Thank you!


Lizzy in the Burbs said...

Hi, Girlymom!

Thanks for your comments of "support" yesterday during my flood drama! :)

We got a new furnace and air conditioner last summer due to an addition we put on our home, I guess the ones we had weren't capable of adequately cooling and heating the new area, etc. Anyway, it's so much more efficient than what we had, it has really made a huge difference in our gas and electric bills.

Thanks for the info on the carbon monoxide detectors, I had no idea they stopped working! It's plugged in and lit up and everything, I just assumed it was doing it's job. I think it's like five years old, so we must need a new one.

Sorry about the parking ticket, that's a bummer! We have the same ordinance here, too, no parking on the street between 2:00 am and 7:00 am. I know it's the law, but like you said, a warning would have been nice. Don't they have some criminals to catch or something more important to do? :) Enjoy your nice morning!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Love the idea of the recipe exchange but I plan to just steal recipes and not share. I am a seriously bad cook - ask my kids, they'll agree.

You'll thank me for not participating. (I CAN tell you where to get some SWEET Diet Coke,though!)


linds said...

I'm glad that your inspection went well! Thanks for the tip on the carbon monoxide, we have had ours well over 3 years. I had no idea.

I'll start going through my recipes, hopefully I can find some that are post-worthy!


Ness said...

Saw your post on Kimmy's site and stopped by. Your children are adorable! I know what it is like to live in a fix-er up house but it will be rewarding in the end. I just started blogging a week ago. Feel free to stop by and visit. Your recipe exchange sounds great and I look forward to participating. My husband is the cook of the family but before I got tired of cooking(loong story there and probably a good blog post for me some time)I had quite a few favorite recipes that I liked to fix. Now I save them for birthdays and holidays. Thanks for the info on the carbon monoxide detector and have a great weekend!


Kathryn said...

Another funny cartoon. That one made me laugh out loud.
Thanks for the info on the carbon monoxide detectors. I did not know that.
Have a great weekend!

KATE said...

I'm sorry about the ticket. But, when you go to pay it. Take the time to go in & they will usually "knock it down" for you! It's worth a try!
I'm going to get on it & post some recipes!! Yay! I LOVE recipe exchanges!

KATE said...

Miss GirlyMom - I posted new recipes on my recipe blog. The address is

onthegomom said...

That sucks about the ticket! I hate that...but in our town they are only $5 dollars!!!!! Our snow oridiance is only in effect if we get over an inch of snow at a time, for snow plowing purposes. We didn't move our car one year and it snowed over night and we got a ticket at 4:30 am (it was written on the ticket). I thought that was crappy, but again, it was only 5 bucks. $25 is pretty steep!

We learned the hard way about our carbon monixide detector, it went off one night. I panicked, of course. Threw my kids in my van, called 911. Yea, after all that jazz... all it needed was REPLACED! The fire guy said it happens quite a bit and said to replace every 2 years as a precautionary. Then the TWO fire trucks left. Was lovin' life that night...

Becky said...

Those are great snowmen cartoons, lol!

Bummer about the parking ticket. It is annoying that other people get warnings for their many offenses, and then you get nailed for your one. My very first blog posting dealt with a similar thing, where Animal control officers went door to door and I got 'busted' for not having my puppy 'licensed' yet, when our neighbors totally neglected their half-wolf dog next door that howled all the time, and nothing was done about that for months!

But then, I suppose I enjoy the 'breaks' when they come my way, too.

Steph said...

I am always having to play catch up with you...where do you find the time to blog so much? I wish I could more...I'm having a hard time finding stuff to blog about at the moment.
Sorry about your ticket! That really sucks!
We have a 'Masterguard' Carbon Monoxide detector, and it's supposed to be one of the best. It was expensive, so it better be! :)
Happy Weekend!

Stacie said...

look at you...full of resourceful info, THANKYOU. :D