Monday, December 17, 2007

Let's Get This Started

I started a new blog for The Recipe Exchange- come visit and get a few ideas for your Xmas parties! Add a few recipes of your own or let me know if you have posted one, I will post your link. Also if you have a request for a recipe, I will post it up and see if we can get some interaction between all of our wonderful blogging friends. I hope you find one you like, come back often, I'll be adding more as time permits. Enjoy!


Kellan said...

I went over and checked out a few of your wonderful recipes - this is so nice, to be able to see other peoples favorite recipes - I will try to come up with something soon (I'm not much of a cook - but, I'll try). See you soon. Kellan

WorksForMom said...

Awesome idea!

KATE said...

I'm so excited for this!! I also have some posted on my recipe blog back near Thanksgiving that had a bunch of family friendly take to party type recipes!
I also was going to say that if you were looking for something specific I could most likely find one. So that idea for the interaction is GREAT!! Love it!!
Can't wait to check them all out!! Thanks so much for doing this! I'm going to try to remember to post all my Holiday recipes!!
Love it!!