Friday, December 7, 2007

Aloha Friday

Enjoy your weekend everyone! We have the Work Kids Christmas Party tomorrow- get to go to "Bounce World"- the place that gets really loud with screaming, squeeling kids having a blast bouncing in those huge inflatable tunnels, slides, mazes and such. We had a great time last year, I had a lot of fun bouncing. I met Hubby's boss, he was introducing himself when I was bouncing with Lolo. I had to childishly (if a word) climb out, straighten out my clothes and shake his hand trying to compose myself. Ha ha- that's not possible, I'm too much of a goomba! (short for goofball) "Nice to meet you Mr. Boss, the kids (me) are really enjoying this Xmas party, thank you for setting this all up for the kids (me)- what a great way to get to know everyone on a more personable level." (bump heads while jumping) (all running around in our socks)

Anyways, have a good one everyone!

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Staciesmadness said...

hahah, PERFECT way to meet the boss. How cute.

have a great weekend yourself!