Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Again this morning I look out and see ICE. I am living in a frozen tundra and I again ask myself why did I ever leave Hawaii? I was born and raised in Michigan, you would think I would be used to or even like the cold weather, but I don't. Instead I go through the winter blues, I eat more, I sleep more, I hibernate. Actually sometimes I wish I could be like a bear and just sleep through it, I wouldn't miss it. I like the first snow of the year, snow on Xmas morning, that's it- after that I am done, NO MORE SNOW. So why did I leave Hawaii?? Orders. Our time in paradise was up, Hubby's next duty station was in Chicago- talk about a climate change- my poor kids hardly ever wore shoes, much less snow pants! So anyways, while I was checking out some of your blogs yesterday it hit me that some of you lucky people are in Florida and dreaming of a white Xmas. Some of you are also covered in ice and lucky to have power. So here are a few questions....
1) If you could choose anywhere in the world to go, where would you go?
2) Where is your ideal place to be on Xmas morning?
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Family Adventure said...

1) I would go to Australia or New visit.
2) In Norway...with snow. Sorry, must have snow for Christmas. I don't particularly love November or even March, but when the snow is user friendly (ie. when there's enough to ski), I'm fine with it.

Hawaii is lovely and I've spent the last three New Year Eves in Hawaii. And I wouldn't say no if the opportunity arose again...

Heidi :)

Lainey-Paney said...

Hi. I'm new here.
I'll answer.....

Any place in the world to go?
To visit, or stay???
To visit: Tahiti or Fiji
To stay for a while? I don't know...I guess it depends on how much I like Tahiti & Fiji!

Ideal place to wake up on Christmas morning?
Any place with my son.
I know it sounds cheesy....but seriously---just being a mom & presenting Christmas morning to him....I think I could do it anywhere, and that's all I would need to be happy.

Here in rarely snows at all. Wishing for a white Christmas is a waste of my wishes if you ask me. There have been some years where we've worn shorts on Christmas day!

tommie said...

I would definitely choose somewhere with seasons. We have lived in Alaska and extremes. I liked was far enough north that we did have the four seasons. But I did this quiz at and it says my ideal place is Fort Collins, CO. Which is funny, because Husband has family there, and I love it there!

as for Christmas morning, wherever family is....

Kellan said...

Hey - well, because I live in Texas and have for over 25 years, I miss the snow and especially at Christmas. We usually go skiing over Christmas (in NM or CO or UT) and that is where I like to be - to be in the snow and to experience a "real" winter - if only for a little while.

I know it can get old - but I do like the changing seasons - probably just because I don't get to really experience. It is cold here today though - if you can call 40 cold.

Have a good day - see you later. Kellan

Stacie said...

I am like you too, in that I really don't mind the snow. I HATE the negative weather or the possible ice storms.

I couldn't imagine my Christmas without the white stuff though.

WE dodged the bullet, got all rain yesterday. They said if that rain were snow we would have a foot of it. Also, luckily, it didn't freeze overnight. I feel pretty fortunate.

Lizzy in the Burbs said...

I don't like driving on the ice, but I have to say that I do like having four seasons, so for that reason, I'm probably where I'm supposed to be, which is Chicago.

If I had to live somewhere else on a permanent basis, I'd choose Colorado. It's just so beautiful!

Christmas morning I want to be home, in my own family room surrounded by my family. Can't imagine x-mas morning in a hotel, yuk!

KATE said...

Okay for the first question:
I'd have to say Hawaii!!!

(I'd have to question why you left too! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Hawaii!!) Where were you?

For the second question:
Um, right here! With my husband home with me & the kids!

KATE said...

BTW - I love all your Snowmen pictures! they are hilarious!!

It looks like my "hibernation" made me miss a few posts, I've been going back! I'm playing Aloha Friday right now & My kids are dancing all around. Fun fun!!

We leave for Hawaii in a few weeks! Woo Hoo for hawaii!!

painted maypole said...

at 80 degrees here, I sure am missing that michigan snow of my youth!

linds said...

1. Bora Bora (google it, there is a resort there that has private huts out in the ocean. I hear the huts have glass floors).

2. My ideal place to be on Christmas morning is in my bud snuggling with my son and husband!

Thanks for the link!

girlymom said...

We were stationed at Pearl Harbor on Oahu. We did fit in a vacation to Kauai and Maui and they are gorgeous. Where are you going on vacation? Lucky bums!

Kathryn said...

I actually really love spending Christmas at home. If I could go anywhere however, I think I would love to go to Hawaii. It sounds lovely, and I am craving warm weather right now. I would also love to go back to Paris.
Hubby and I are vowing to take a three month top to bottom exploration of Italy someday.
Did I happen to mention that I have a lot of traveling to do? ;)

Becky said...

I Love all the comics and stuff you've collected and put up. Waaaay cute!

I'm odd this way, but I LOVE the snow. So does my hubby. We lived in Minnesota for several years, and I think, were we to be anywhere Christmas morning, it would be in an isolated Cabin in the woods of Northern Minnesota, with plenty of food and firewood, lots of snow outside, our little family gathered around a warm fire, just hanging out and enjoying some uninterrupted family TV, video games, etc. Just board games and outdoor fun in the snow.

Oh, and while I'm dreaming, an outdoor hot-tub to relax in after playing in the snow.

R Family of 4 said...

Where would I go? To Hawaii.....Maui to be exact that is my home away from home. We got married there and have been there 4 other times. I <3 maui. I think if I actually lived there and was told I had to leave I would have chanied my self to the Banyon Tree ;-)

ON christmas morning I love waking up at home but I agree with you the first snow, and snow on Christmas then it can go AWAY.

Stay warm!