Monday, October 22, 2007

Where did the weekend go?

Where did the weekend go?

We had a "Fall Festival" of sorts at our house on Friday. All the cousins came over and we did pumpkin carving, pumpkin cookies, donuts and cider, made tootsie pop spiders, (see pic) and of course pumpkin pie. It was a fun night, but considering we had 7 kids all under 6 years old, it was a loud, messy and eventful night! My hubby stood out in the rain with the kids this year and helped pick out the pumpkins, yep you guessed it- they are HUGE!! So teeny tiny Lolo is trying to scoop out the guts of the pumpkin and her whole arm disappears inside. Molly being the oldest of all the kids was also trying to be the most helpful, telling everyone how it should be done and what is the right way to do everything. And then there is Annie, sitting watching everyone, with a look of confusion on her face. She just keeps repeating..."puntkin gooey, yuck" What do you think was going through her mind?

In truth the night was more for the adults, yep another example of us reliving our childhood through our own children. We all had our own ideas of what pumpkin night would involve. In the end, all activities were accomplished, the children all had melt downs and we sent them all home crying and falling asleep walking out the door hanging onto their spiders. What a night!

So that was Friday, on Saturday I attempted to attend Molly's last soccer game of the season. Of course it was a 9:00 game! All kids dressed, fed and out the door soccer ball and all. So I was feeling pretty good, not bad everyone is happy, we are actually on time, ha even a tad early. And then.... we get there, it's freezing cold out on the open field, the sun hasn't even reached the field yet. Ok, so I said we were early, I didn't intend to beat the sun!!! The wind is whipping and everyone is now in the state of pure complaint. Why is it their dad can be standing right next to me but they have to complain to me, as if I can calm the wind and heat the earth!! Turns out I sat in the car with three unhappy children until more family showed up to help distract from the coldness. We all ventured out for the end of the game. Ran out onto the field and made a tunnel for the players to run through and then the rest of us all ran back to the heat of the car! In the end it wasn't all bad, this was the first game that our team actually scored some goals and won. I know it isn't all about winning and losing, but our team has gotten squashed every week, it was nice to be the squasher for once. Yeah Team!

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